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AIBU to make a soup on Friday to take into work on Monday?

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PrimalLass Wed 23-Oct-13 17:50:03

I freeze it too, in bags laid out flat. Then put all the bags into the big tub to carry it in to work. Lay them out separately at work and then they will defrost fine.

Inertia Wed 23-Oct-13 17:47:11

Underpowered is maybe harsh - it does heat the food through properly but not especially quickly. Which is why I wouldn't want to freeze it, we would be there forever.

I will tell everyone though. ( Now wonder whether you are my vegan colleague Birds!)

BonaDea Wed 23-Oct-13 17:42:37

I can't believe you are even asking. Of course this is fine.

Birdsgottafly Wed 23-Oct-13 17:38:30

I am vegan, btw.

Birdsgottafly Wed 23-Oct-13 17:37:04

If the microwave at work is underpowered, I would worry about it being reheated hot enough.

Have any of you tried this before?

Birdsgottafly Wed 23-Oct-13 17:35:38

Just tell everyone it is to be shared amongst how long it has been made for.

I couldn't eat it after two days, but others can.

I had bouts of food poisoning, as a child, because my mother wouldn't accept that some people don't have cast iron stomachs, which I think has made me even more sensitive.

I wouldn't aprieciaye someone bringing cooked food if it was more than 48 hours old and didn't say so.

LiegeAndLief Wed 23-Oct-13 14:41:48

It will be absolutely fine.

sonlypuppyfat Wed 23-Oct-13 14:40:49

Mmm vegan soup.

sparkle12mar08 Wed 23-Oct-13 14:40:34

Freeze it flat in individual freezer bags, put the bag and a spoon into a small tub each day to carry, it'll defrost in a couple of hours, and water will be contained and you can then decant it into the tub to reheat at work. I used to do this every winter.

Inertia Wed 23-Oct-13 14:36:15

It'll be one big tub rather than individual portions to be used at different times.

We've only got an underpowered microwave at work, no hob, so I'm worried that if I freeze it we'll not get it all defrosted in time, even if I leave it out overnight when we get back late Sunday night. (Don't have enough locking lid plastic boxes to freeze individually, just one big tub).

It'd be carrot and coriander soup- no cream or anything added as it has to be vegan. Surely not much to go wrong?

sonlypuppyfat Wed 23-Oct-13 13:19:06

I'm with the beano freeze it

BeanoNoir Wed 23-Oct-13 13:06:46

You could also freeze it in portions and just take it out when you need it?

Mumsyblouse Wed 23-Oct-13 13:02:37

Lentil soup doesn't last a very long time, it can ferment quite easily- if you leave it out and not refrigerate it for example. I think that's on the boundaries of ok if it's Mon morning, but anything with meat/chicken in we reckon on 3 days in our house.

CreatureRetorts Wed 23-Oct-13 13:01:41


Of course you're not!!!!!

Inertia Wed 23-Oct-13 13:00:13

Yes , it'll be veggie stock.

(Might avoid using the terms fridge bottom and fur coats when I hand it over to colleagues though smile )

bachsingingmum Wed 23-Oct-13 12:57:53

Of course it will - if you use veggie stock. I make fridge bottom soup with whatever I find left there on Saturday morning and that keeps in a pan in the fridge for more than a week. I chuck it out (if there's any left) when it starts growing a fur coat. Never been poisoned yet.

Inertia Wed 23-Oct-13 12:41:40

It'll be some kind of vegetable soup , and it'll be refrigerated- and it's to be shared. Can't make it Sunday as we are away the whole weekend. It'll be OK in the fridge for that amount of time won't it? I know you can get fresh chilled soup in supermarkets but not sure what they add in terms of preservatives.

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