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To tell my neighbour to fuck off?

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JennieR60 Wed 23-Oct-13 08:00:45

Basically we had our conservatory built before summer and now she thinks that all the rainwater from our conservatory is collecting on her patio and expects us to do something?

Let me explain further, before we had the conservatory there was on our side a patio then some soil for a flower bed, then the dividing fence then on her side some soil and her patio.

Now there's my conservatory then some concrete up to the dividing fence then about 18inches of soil then she has erected a seperate 6ft fence (to stop us looking over the fence I guess from our conservatory) so she now has an inch of soil then her patio.

When she moaned before we attached some extra guttering to the downpipe and along the gap between our conservatory and the fence thus taking the water further into our garden into a bed of stones. Now that works fine, there is no excess water in our side, nor between the fences but in her side there is puddles on the other side of her new fence.

AIBU to think that the water building up in her patio is nothing to do with us? I suspect that the water used to run away into the soil that isn't there on my side anymore and with her building a new fence and cutting off her soil from her patio this is causing the excess rain to collect on her patio?

I scared she will take it further and they will make us take it down even though we aren't draining any water directly onto her land!

fluffyraggies Wed 23-Oct-13 12:21:44

She's written to you asking you to 'do' something because she believes you are in the wrong somehow.

You are scared she will be able to make you take the conservatory down.

For your own peace of mind i would ring the council, perhaps, and ask them if the building regs inspector would come out to look at your conservatory now it's all finished and asses what you have in place re: rainwater drainage. If he/she says it's fine then you dont have to engage with your neighbours rantings - just politely say that you think it must be down to her fence, and that if she feels otherwise then you are afraid she will have to prove it, as you have had your conservatory inspected and approved.

Dont have a massive falling out. If you ever have to move you'll have to declare the fact.

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