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To think spending £64 a month on cereal for one person is insane?!

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Mittensonkittens Wed 23-Oct-13 07:53:21

Dh has become addicted to Special K. Addicted. He is living on the stuff. He's eating normal meals too but in addition to this is eating bowls and bowls of the stuff.

He's getting through a box (£3.99) every two fucking days! His cereal habit is costing me £64 a month! There's a sentence never thought I'd type.

I've explained to him that his cereal is now costing us one fifth of our monthly shopping budget. Aibu to think he needs to cut back?! Is there some sort of special cereal addiciton group he can go to?

£64! £768 a year!

needaholidaynow Fri 25-Oct-13 18:10:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsCakesPremonition Fri 25-Oct-13 17:47:31

Just buy him two boxes a week and tell him to buy "extras" out of his own pocket.

There are about 120 calories in one of those tiny 30g bowls. It sounds like your DH is eating at least 300g of Special K every day. That is 1200 calories before he's even thought about other meals.

Perhaps you could get him to do a weekly weigh-in and show him his weight as it steadily climbs.

Retroformica Fri 25-Oct-13 17:43:23

Buy one box a week and don't get any more. If asks for another box don't kick up a fuss but instead conveniently forget.

Retroformica Fri 25-Oct-13 17:41:45

I would tell him you are only buying 1 box a week and he needs to make it last.

LividofLondon Fri 25-Oct-13 17:36:52

"I'm having to cut back drastically on other stuff to buy the bloody cereal!"
Then just stop buying the friggin stuff! You're enabling him to be an arse over this. Keep the receipts so you can show him how much it's adding up if he doesn't like it. His selfishness is having a negative impact on the family; don't allow it.

"I buy about 5 boxes when I go on my big shop - otherwise I have to make a special trip back in the week for more"
You don't have to do anything Mittens, least of all go and make a special trip to the shops if he's been so greedy he's run out of it. Just buy a normal amount of cereal so he can have 1 bowl a day like a normal person, and if he wants more let him fund his habit out of his own pocket and go get the stuff himself.

MrsDeVere Fri 25-Oct-13 16:57:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheKnightsWhoSayNi Fri 25-Oct-13 16:53:59

Cheaper apples? Cheaper Museli?

Tried those actimel things when theuy were half price. Too bloody expensive to buy. Just get him a Tesco Value Low Fat Yogart. 33p for 4 smile

MrsDeVere Fri 25-Oct-13 16:49:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blu Fri 25-Oct-13 16:40:45

How much is all the extra milk costing?

There's only one answer, OP, he will have to go cold turkey.

(the Lidl Special Flakes are v good, better than Tesco and Sains own brand)

TheKnightsWhoSayNi Fri 25-Oct-13 16:34:34

Volestair, I'm not alone in my anguish! Perhaps we should start a support group for those traumatized by beans on toast arguements as children.

TheKnightsWhoSayNi Fri 25-Oct-13 16:33:24

Without a little butter and milk, mash doesn't bind properly and kind of crumbles! With the appropriate seasoning, it becomes a good soft, consistent gloop.

You can also taste the difference between butter and marge in stuffing, no a similar subject. What gets me about that is that it wasn't as if I needed to loose weight, anyway. I was as skinny as a rake until I was 25. Now I'm kind-of-human width.

volestair Fri 25-Oct-13 16:30:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Littleredsquirrel Fri 25-Oct-13 16:28:08

Its not trickery, (you fess up or else its pointless), its "good home management".

Littleredsquirrel Fri 25-Oct-13 16:26:50

I would also be able to tell beans on toast without butter in flash. Of course you can taste it!!

DH insists I shouldn't season mashed potato and add butter to it. He insists that it won't taste any different to the mash his mum makes which is a potato mashed up and mixed with a bit of water. Ewww!

TheKnightsWhoSayNi Fri 25-Oct-13 16:23:59

That [cross] should have been angry. It was probably completely irrelevent. But anyway, trickery. I don't like it.

Make him eat the dam cheap stuff and if it's making you cut back on regular stuff, tell him to grow the f* up and get a grip of himself.

TheKnightsWhoSayNi Fri 25-Oct-13 16:22:21

shock What's shocking about that is that the mere stench of yeast spread, be it value, own brand or expensive stuff, is gross.

Everyone says it, but there are certain things were you can tell the difference. It's like an arguement I once had with my dad and brother. Due to some bizar health kick, they refused to put butter on beans on toast. They insisted I do the same as you "can't tell the difference".

DB made me dinner one day, and when I questioned whether there was butter on the toast, he said that there was. I ate some and insisted there was not. This argument continued. I eventually, with both him and my dad arguing that the toast had been buttered, I agreed that it must have been. What with me being 10yrs old at the time, and they being far older than me. At which point they laughed and said there was no butter on the toast and I therefore must not be able to tell the difference. [cross]

And I don't mean marge as apposed to butter. I prefer marge. But they were trying to push dry toast onto me. This has obviously caused me great anguish for the last twenty years, so I'm glad I got to get that out.

Littleredsquirrel Fri 25-Oct-13 16:13:46

I haven't read every response and she may have already posted here but my sister split up with her ex boyfriend (they lived together) over Special K. They'd just bought a house and he resented her buying the most expensive cereal on the shelf.

I second those suggesting put the own brand stuff in the special K box. Do it gradually. First time take out a third of the real stuff and add in the own brand, then second time do half and half, next only a quarter real. Within four boxes he won't be able to tell the difference. I did it with DS1's crunchy nut addiction. DH also insisted for years that he could only eat real marmite. When I finally confessed that he'd been eating sainsburys own yeast spread for months, decanted into the real marmite jar he was shocked but admitted it taste no different at all.

TheKnightsWhoSayNi Fri 25-Oct-13 16:04:03

But a thin coating of sugar just starking to dissolve into the milk makes those flakes taste like they are fizzling in pleasure on your tongue as you crunch. Mmmm.

I don't need sugar if it's a properly nice tasting cereal. Like honey & nut anything. Mmmm. Any edible substance coated in honey & nut.

Madratlady Fri 25-Oct-13 15:56:24

My DH has a biscuit habit. I buy him a few packs when I do the weekly shop but when they're gone that's it till next week. We can't afford to spend a fortune on snacking. Same goes for ribena (1 bottle a week) and crisps and stuff. I buy plenty but if he eats excessive amounts he just has to put up with running out. He doesn't miss them when he runs out, he just eats more fruit and healthier stuff.

volestair Fri 25-Oct-13 15:52:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HildaOgden Fri 25-Oct-13 15:51:50

Get him a magnesium supplement,it will knock his cravings on the head.

TheKnightsWhoSayNi Fri 25-Oct-13 15:48:56

So does that mean I'm the only one who has to cover Special K in more sugar to make those tastless flakes edible?

volestair Fri 25-Oct-13 15:46:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

riskit4abiskit Fri 25-Oct-13 11:28:16

Sorry op but this made me chuckle!

Perhaps he has a very fussy tapeworm?

Could you make the cereal go further by specifying it has to have banana chopped up in it? Or use prebiotic yog instead of milk? Or mix it with cheap weetabix?

It could be worse and be a burger or crisps obsession@

BeCoolFucker Fri 25-Oct-13 10:53:01

do you think it is because bits get stuck in your molars, so it keeps a steady stream of Special K Addiction pumping ever so slowly into your system? Thereby keeping you extra hooked?

I don't eat any cereal at all these days - haven't done for years. I think it's all pretty dreadful stuff, apart from porridge which is OK.

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