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To think spending £64 a month on cereal for one person is insane?!

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Mittensonkittens Wed 23-Oct-13 07:53:21

Dh has become addicted to Special K. Addicted. He is living on the stuff. He's eating normal meals too but in addition to this is eating bowls and bowls of the stuff.

He's getting through a box (£3.99) every two fucking days! His cereal habit is costing me £64 a month! There's a sentence never thought I'd type.

I've explained to him that his cereal is now costing us one fifth of our monthly shopping budget. Aibu to think he needs to cut back?! Is there some sort of special cereal addiciton group he can go to?

£64! £768 a year!

Mittensonkittens Wed 23-Oct-13 08:10:22

He has a couple of bowls for breakfast (ok will accept this), he has a box at work and then eats it throughout the day, he has a bowl before tea when he gets home and then a bowl or two after tea.

Basically he needs to be drip fed Special K at ALL TIMES!

Chopstheduck Wed 23-Oct-13 08:10:36

Costco sell it, and it works out cheaper. But honestly, a box every two days is absurd.

Assuming you mean the 500g boxes, half a box of original special K with semi milk is around 1200 calories a day. That would be half of his calorie intake for the day!

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 23-Oct-13 08:11:12

That's not normal. If he's that hungry all the time he should see a dr. This is not good for him and is bordering in obsessive.

Mittensonkittens Wed 23-Oct-13 08:11:31

Yes the 500g boxes.

I'd say his cereal habit has been getting worse since about June and has been at crisis point for two months hmm

AgentProvocateur Wed 23-Oct-13 08:12:23

I take it you don't have teenage boys? wink I can't bear to calculate what I spend on cereal (or bread, or shampoo...)

Like a poster up thread said, I'd hate for my partner to calculate how much of the food shop went on wine a particular item, and grudge me it. Your DH is an adult - he can eat what he wants.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 23-Oct-13 08:12:23

Oh and start buying lidl or aldi version and put in a Kellogg's box

curlew Wed 23-Oct-13 08:12:46

Is he genuinely hungry? You're not one of those "I can get 4 meals for 4 people out of one small chicken, two potatoes, a carrot and half a cabbage with plenty left over to make soup" are you?

FuckyNellItsHalloween Wed 23-Oct-13 08:13:02

750g boxes are 3 for 2 at tesco till end of tomorrow

Gobbolinothewitchscat Wed 23-Oct-13 08:13:36

I don't think the money is the real issue. It not a concern -very lucky, I know-- for us re food shopping but I'd still be very worried if DH started eating a family size cake a day.

This amount of cereal can't really be compared to coffee pods or wine as they are obviously more expensive but if that started to be abused eg 10 coffees a day and three bottles of wine a night, then that would be concerning

LateForMyOwnLife Wed 23-Oct-13 08:13:38

I buy about 5 boxes when I go on my big shop - otherwise I have to make a special trip back in the week for more.

Erm - it's his habit - stop buying it. He might not be as tempted if he has to schlep to the shop for it himself confused

ivykaty44 Wed 23-Oct-13 08:13:42

how much is the milk bill to go with the special k habit? I would be worried that he could turn into some type of cereal monster.

Get him to go cold turkey this stuff has a lot of sugar in it and so will be addictive

Mittensonkittens Wed 23-Oct-13 08:13:43

Yes but agent we can't afford to spend anymore on our shopping so I'm having to cut back drastically on other stuff to buy the bloody cereal!

Thewalkingdeadkr Wed 23-Oct-13 08:14:51

Sounds a bit like he lacks self control, there are many things id like to eat four times a day (largely chocolate) but you just don't do you? Not good for you and a bit 'spensive innit?
Buy 2 boxes then let him buy more if he wants it.
Stop being his cereal dealer grin

LauraChant Wed 23-Oct-13 08:15:29

Well don't buy it then! What would happen if you didn't?

Mittensonkittens Wed 23-Oct-13 08:15:40

Right perhaps id better hightail it to tesco to stock up!

I think for christmas I'm just going to get him 50 boxes of Special K. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

MissMarplesBloomers Wed 23-Oct-13 08:17:21

Just don't buy it?

This is not normal & certainly not healthy.

Why should the whole family have to cut back just for this?

Tell him he's in charge of cereal buying from now on. Maybe if he actually sees how much it is costing he'll stop.

TheBuskersDog Wed 23-Oct-13 08:18:26

Tell him to stop eating Special K which is crap and start eating porridge which is much more filling.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 23-Oct-13 08:19:22

And urge him to see a dr. There's perhaps a reason he's craving it so much. Maybe he's deficient in something

Waggamamma Wed 23-Oct-13 08:20:00

I love cereal, especially Special K! I would eat it all day long if I could but I don't because:
a) we can't afford it
b) I would be the size of a house

YANBU. Tell him to cut back or buy it from his own spending money not family money.

Think what you could do with £64 a month. We've just given up diet coke for this reason, far too much money and it's no good for us.

EBearhug Wed 23-Oct-13 08:20:21

If you're having to cut back on other stuff, then tell him you just can't afford more than one box a week and explain why. If he's that desperate, then he's the one who has to go to the shop midweek, with his own spending money, not the household budget.

3asAbird Wed 23-Oct-13 08:22:19

64quid be 25-50%monthly food budget

we cant even justfy £40 month for eldest school dinners.

havent brought specal k regular in ages as just too pricy.

kids get cheapy rice krispies o choc flakes rarly buy kellogs but never value as that,s shite or only when on offer.

This week ran out so they been eatig reduced crumpets when see them buy a few packs and freezer or they have choice jam on toast, butter or nutella.

FuckyNellItsHalloween Wed 23-Oct-13 08:22:31

thlgrin at the gift that keeps on giving

LeGavrOrf Wed 23-Oct-13 08:22:48

I am the same reality with short term food obsessions.

Cheesy chips and gravy sounds delicious.

My food obsessions this year include

Cabbage with mint sauce. Had that for dinner for weeks.
Cauliflower cheese
Green skittles.
Jalapeño hummus

Scarymuff Wed 23-Oct-13 08:24:31

I agree with Giles that he should check with his gp. He may be low in iron or something. Our bodies are incredible at knowing where to get particular nutrient sources, that why we crave them.

ExcuseTypos Wed 23-Oct-13 08:25:25

Well they say sugar is as addictive as crack cocaine and I think your DH is proving the point.

He's addicted to the sugar. Simple.

Just stop buying it. If he wants it he can go and buy it himself. But I'd be telling him that you weren't feeding his habit from the family budget. Also that he's going to put on so much weight if he carries on like this.

I've just goggled- 100g is 379cals. He's having 500g in 2 days, so that's roughly an extra 1900 cals every 2 days.

He's eating and extra 1000cals a dayshock in fecking cereal.

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