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clipping your nails at the kitchen table

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PuntCuffin Sun 20-Oct-13 11:15:35

Who does this? ![Boak]

Have got my in-laws staying for several weeks while MIL recovers from an op. FIL has just been sitting at the kitchen table clipping his nails. Yes, they really badly needed cutting, they were longer than mine, but...

Not sure why, but this utterly repulsed me.

AIBU to think he should have gone to his bedroom or the bathroom? Anywhere but the kitchen, please?

HopeClearwater Sun 20-Oct-13 11:22:00

YANBU. Horrible!

eurochick Sun 20-Oct-13 11:26:30

I do mine in the bedroom but I can't say it would have bothered me. Presumably he cleared the clippings up afterwards?

PuntCuffin Sun 20-Oct-13 12:04:23

I had to leave the room. But it looked more as if the clippings were heading for the floor. angry

ElleMcFearsome Sun 20-Oct-13 12:06:08

Bedroom or bathroom straight into the bin! At the table. Yuk envy <--- nauseous emoticon.

Nancy66 Sun 20-Oct-13 12:07:36

that's horrible. I'd have to say something.

A woman was flossing her teeth next to me on the train a couple of weeks ago. I bloody well said something to her. What's wrong with people?

valiumredhead Sun 20-Oct-13 12:20:03

Where is acceptable then? Surely it doesn't matter if you clip them onto a tissue or sheet of kitchen roll?confused

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 20-Oct-13 12:54:08

Fingernails or toenails?

I do HomeVisits (NHS Podiatrist) and sometime patients request that we use the kitchen.
(I just request where the light is good and they have a chair + enough room for me and my bag/equipment)

But I think "Your kitchen your rules grin and I don't have to eat there)

cornishcreamtea Sun 20-Oct-13 13:13:20

nancy that is so disgusting. What did you say to her?

Nancy66 Sun 20-Oct-13 13:43:36

I said: 'can you not do that please.'

And she stopped. Didn't look too happy about it though!

usualsuspect Sun 20-Oct-13 13:47:42

I can't see why it's gross if he chucks them in the bin afterwards.

limitedperiodonly Sun 20-Oct-13 14:31:14

it looked more as if the clippings were heading for the floor

At least wasn't an eye. I point my mum's hands down when I cut her nails for her and they still ricochet around the room like shrapnel. They're like eagle talons.

TheOpposibleThumb Sun 20-Oct-13 14:40:38

What is WRONG with people nowadays! Cutting nails in the kitchen, flossing in public, that thread yesterday about farting with abandon.
Might as well be back in the Dark Ages and living in straw.

limitedperiodonly Sun 20-Oct-13 15:06:43

I was puzzled by the competitive farting thread too theopposiblethumb.

I shared an office with a boss who farted as some kind of feminist statement. I bow to no man in my feminism, but I don't inflict my farts on people deliberately. Or pick my nose and wipe it on the wall in front of them either. Or at all, for that matter.

After a small period of adjustment, she came round to my view, and 25 years later we're firm friends.

DH and I have never farted in front of each other deliberately. Clearly we are repressed. I'm thoroughly relieved about that. Obviously not in that way.

limitedperiodonly Sun 20-Oct-13 15:10:26

Obviously I do pick my nose. It's just wiping it on the wall that I resist. Or under the bed. envy - there really should be a puke emoticon.

Feminine Sun 20-Oct-13 15:11:59

The bathroom, over the sink- is the only place to do it.

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