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To have covered up page 3?

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MadameDefarge Thu 17-Oct-13 00:09:57

Was in the local Chinese tonight. a bit of treat for ds and me. And also a bit of a treat to read the Sun and another tabloid.

Ie, I don't buy them, but its fun to read every now and then.

Now I consider myself a hardened feminist. Ie, I am no longer moved by obvious examples of sexism.

But tonight I found my self covering over the naked girls on page 3, I felt assaulted by the images, and horrified for the girls.

I am surprised at this reaction. Maybe its to do with having a 13 year old ds. Wondering what it would be like to have a 16 year old dd doing this, just disgusted so violently and viscerally in a way I haven't in years.

I felt by looking at those images I was collluding in an appalling piece of abuse. It shocked me to the core.


LtEveDallas Thu 17-Oct-13 13:49:38

Trivialising, but I spent many a happy morning when I was the only female living in a Mess of 32 males, drawing bikinis on the Page 3 girls smile

I used to get up at 6 when the Mess was still quiet, to go to the Gym. Whilst I was training the papers would be delivered and on my way back to my room I would pick up the Sun.

I'd put it back in the lounge, breasts all covered up (sometimes I'd go for fully dressed) and saunter into breakfast waiting for the "WTF?!" smile

It took the boys about 2 months of me doing this every day to work out that it was me (not the sharpest tools in the box) and I did it, daily, for about 2 years.

They stopped getting it delivered eventually grin

ilovesooty Thu 17-Oct-13 13:44:20

How on earth do you know the models are being abused?

I can't get too excited about this other than I object to some worthy women going around trying to tell other adults what they should and shouldn't be permitted to see.

I think the photos are pretty tasteless and
I don't buy or read those papers but I'm at least as offended by amateur censorship as I am by the papers themselves.

middleagedwoman Thu 17-Oct-13 13:43:39

peggy - So because there is much worse porn page 3 is okay?

AliaTheEvilLeaper Thu 17-Oct-13 13:31:24

I felt by looking at those images I was collluding in an appalling piece of abuse.

confused How the heck can it be construed as abuse?! The models are consenting adults with a brain of their own. Some people do actually aspire to be a glamour model, and want to do it.

peggyundercrackers Thu 17-Oct-13 13:27:22

madame your sone might not have a phone but how many of his friends have a phone? how many kids in his school have phones? a good majority of them will have pictures of boobs and probably worse on their phones and are no doubt shared around to show everyone the images. if you dont think he has seen images like this you are deluded.

sorry i dont see a relationship between page 3 girls and girls who have low self esteem - they are more than likely more aware of what they see in their own teen mags, watching/reading about some of the 'pop stars' of today and what they see on the web.

InWithTheITCrowd Thu 17-Oct-13 13:21:52

The No More Page 3 team also have flyers that you can print out and put into newspapers that are in the public domain (takeaways, pubs, coffee shops etc) to cover page 3, which contain some information about the campaign. I've not used them myself, but there is a bit of a movement of people doing it, apparently

middleagedwoman Thu 17-Oct-13 13:19:45

I remember the countdown. It included "sexy" photos of her at 15 years old.

CloverkissSparklecheeks Thu 17-Oct-13 13:17:21

16 is very very young, I find that inappropriate. I had not heard about that countdown before - that is disgusting.

HandragsAndGladbags Thu 17-Oct-13 13:11:27

Anyone remember the countdown in The Sun to a page 3 girl revealing herself on her 16th birthday?! Dreadful.

DownstairsMixUp Thu 17-Oct-13 13:05:32

Agree with you, it has no place in a news paper. I don't understand how people can be so obtuse to compare it to a breast feeding mother or women on the beach.

middleagedwoman Thu 17-Oct-13 13:01:21

Totally agree, pornography should not be in a family newspaper. There is a campaign to get rid of it.

And a petition to sign.

CloverkissSparklecheeks Thu 17-Oct-13 12:47:58

I have done topless modelling and it has never affected my self esteem. I have a professional job now but was something I was happy doing at one point. All very nice and above board in spite of what most of MN would like to believe!

Feminine Thu 17-Oct-13 12:28:30

I don't mind it either.

Mind you, I only come across that page once in a blue moon.

A good thing is that the girls are normally very healthy looking-sparkly eyes and a good weight.

For me, (unlike some publications/media) it looks quite a happy set up.

Daft as that might be?

Caitlin17 Thu 17-Oct-13 12:27:53

BlingBlang and MadamDefarge, The Co-Op have stopped stocking lads mags. My local Scotmid doesn't stock the Sport, not sure if it has the Sun.

NoComet Thu 17-Oct-13 12:21:27

"do you not get the relationship between naked young girls being offered up for titillation and an reduction in their self esteem?"

Err, no. I think both my DDs have enough self esteem for that not to register on their radar at all.

ImABadGirl Thu 17-Oct-13 12:10:48

they are lumps of fat with nipples on the end, big know the boobs are in there so why is it a little treat to read this paper?

I'm not at all bothered by page 3, it doesn't register on my give-a-fuck ometer!

BlingBang Thu 17-Oct-13 08:14:03

Lads mags, I expect that. It's the fact they call themselves a newspaper and prints this stuff. It's just bizarre. I went into our little local shop and on eye level for kids was one with a huge close up shot of a girls arse, bent over with a tiny string on. It was pornographic and on the front page with the newspspers. I mean really WTF? It really knocked be back and made me angry.

Vivacia Thu 17-Oct-13 05:47:10

I really like the idea of hiding the Sport by moving another paper in front. A small act I f protest which is legal but effective.

MadameDefarge Thu 17-Oct-13 01:25:34

do you not get the relationship between naked young girls being offered up for titillation and an reduction in their self esteem?

NoComet Thu 17-Oct-13 01:14:22

I know all the feminist arguments, but of 3 doesn't bother me at all and and lads mags not either.

Men enjoy looking at naked women, I enjoy looking at Rafa Nadal without his shirt on.

I worry far far far far more about the endless column inches given over to female celebs weight and taking the piss out of their fashion sense, those articles are incredibly insidious and damaging to girls self esteem.

MadameDefarge Thu 17-Oct-13 01:04:25

Indeed Caitlin.

Caitlin17 Thu 17-Oct-13 00:56:25

The whoosh of a missed point. Star, it's not about whether boys see naked breasts. It's the context ; seeing breastfeeding or topless women on the beach doesn't remotely equate.

In fact in the world of these rags they are probably against these (breast feeding,yuk, saggy old tits ,yuk)

MadameDefarge Thu 17-Oct-13 00:49:28

And I think you misunderstand the difference between a grown woman breast feeding in public and a teenager being paid to thrust her naked tits out as titillation for the masses. generally men.

MadameDefarge Thu 17-Oct-13 00:45:56

call me old fashioned. we have talked about it.

MadameDefarge Thu 17-Oct-13 00:45:09

BTW way ds does not have a phone, I have restrictions on the internet which is he only allowed on if I am around and can see what he is doing.

I'm not being overbearing. I am being a parent who has decided that pictures and vids of women being abused sexually is not part of his future until he is emotionally ready to deal with it.

breastfeeding him as a small baby and child does not equate to him regarding breasts as purely food sources. He is a human being. He will respond to breasts sexually now. No need for him to see them as objects divorced from their owners.

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