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to be envious of my friend and a bit miffed

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LEMisdisappointed Wed 16-Oct-13 14:28:23

Not sure if miffed is the right word.

lovely friend. Lovely hard working family. Comfortably off.

We do ok. Dp works like a slave, me sahm but have mh issues that are preventing me from working just now I certainly dont consider us to be hard up at the moment.

I have been walking my friends dog. On the odd occasion. When I walk in her house I have to strip off the minite I walk through the door its like the tropics only the dog home.

I honestly thought everyone worried about fuel bills. We still are putting jumpers on in evening no heating unless its bitter twice this year.

I might start spending the day at hers " kerping the dog company" luxuriating in the warm

V envy

DeWe Thu 17-Oct-13 22:26:25

Our house was so hot at times last winter that we had the windows open in freezing weather.
Actually our heating developped a fault. It inevitably started Friday night and was better by Monday morning, but the heating wouldn't turn off at all and just got hotter and hotter.
Problem was there were several things it could be (apparently) and so they needed to be here when it was doing it.

Drgonzosattorney Thu 17-Oct-13 22:29:11

Sounds great, invite a few friends round and have cocktails! Grass skirts as dress code?

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