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to use the skyflyer solo service for my kids?

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MajorieDawes Sun 13-Oct-13 22:31:22

Not really AIBU but really need honest opinions ASAP.

We live in NYC. My mum lives in London and has stage 4 breast cancer. Originally we were told she has 18-24 months. I came for a few days, planning to come back with kids in Christmas.

Just before I came a few days ago my Mum has suddenly started gone downhill so fast, it's scary. We don't think she's going to last more than a couple of weeks if that. She really wants to see the grandchildren (aged nearly 10 and nearly 7). They're in NYC right now. I was going to fly back and get them but my Mum has now said she would rather I didn't go as she wants me to stay. My husband can't bring them as his work is inflexible.

We were thinking of having them fly on a day flight with the BA skyflyer solo service. Flight is about 6.5 hours. DH will wait at airport in case of delays (it's the rule anyway). I will pick them up.

What do you think?

MajorieDawes Mon 28-Oct-13 19:25:52

Just a big thank you for your reassurance. The kids did fly with skyflyer and LOVED every second. In fact they ended up flying back with them because BA wanted $2800 for dh's last minute ticket and he could go with another airline for half the price.

onlyfortonight Mon 28-Oct-13 19:32:07

Coming from a family of Air hostesses - they will be fine! It will be an adventure and they will be very well cared for. I would do it with my kids if I needed to without a second thought. They'll get treated like VIPs!

Sorry to hear about your Mum though, all my thoughts are with you and her. thanks

onlyfortonight Mon 28-Oct-13 19:33:24

See... This is why you should read to the end... blush

DreaduCated Mon 28-Oct-13 19:34:25

Glad to hear they enjoyed it. It must have been a great adventure, even with the sad reason for the trip. How are you?

TheFuckersonInquiry Mon 28-Oct-13 19:41:01

Glad the flights worked out ok.

trinity0097 Mon 28-Oct-13 20:03:53

They will be fine at that age. I first flew alone aged 4, admittedly an hour flight, but this was pre electronic devices to occupy children! They will be well looked after by the crew.

everlong Mon 28-Oct-13 20:10:27

They will be absolutely fine.
I'm so sorry about your mum, such a sad time for you.
I hope she gets to spend some precious time with her grandchildren. Thinking of you x

foreverondiet Mon 28-Oct-13 20:16:26

My kids are the same age (just turned 10 and 7), and I would think its ok, just make sure they have plenty to do on the journey. Would want to give them ipod/tablet to occupy them but I guess risk of losing it but probably a risk would have to take. I would rather send both together - think my 10 year old could cope better with her brother there than on her own but only you know your kids - he is much more independent than her.

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