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What would YOU do if you inherited £20000?

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MoveYourArmsLikeHenry Sun 13-Oct-13 10:11:28

Hi all. Just exactly as the title says grin What would you spend it on?

thegoosemama Sun 13-Oct-13 10:29:33

Take my boys travelling. Camper van, tents and adventure. grin

TeWiSavesTheDay Sun 13-Oct-13 10:30:06

Pay off debt,
Go on holiday (never been on family holiday)
Update various tired things, eg computer, DH and I's wardrobes
If enough left redo our plumbing and bathroom, otherwise in savings to do that at a later date.

AntoinetteCosway Sun 13-Oct-13 10:30:43

Put it into the mortgage.

flaquark Sun 13-Oct-13 10:31:59

Go on holiday
Then stick the rest as part of savings to pay for DC(s) future uni fees

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 13-Oct-13 10:32:53

Pay my remaining Lpc loan.

Deposit for a house.

TwelveLeggedWalk Sun 13-Oct-13 10:33:01

Fix the house - not sure how far we'd get but redecorate 3/4 of it, sort out the driveway and garage, tidy up the exterior and garden, buy a few bits of furniture we're still missing.
Fix the car - get all the dinks and missing paint sorted
Have a holiday.
Boring, but it would be a massive stress relief.

CouthyMow Sun 13-Oct-13 10:34:10

Buy new carpets and curtains and furniture for my house and then take the DC's on holiday.

SimplyRedHead Sun 13-Oct-13 10:35:42

Stay off work until my DS1 (6 months today) starts school.

DiaryOfAWimpyMum Sun 13-Oct-13 10:36:46

Buy a PC or fix the old one, buy another laptop, pay off debts, take dc abroad

AKissIsNotAContract Sun 13-Oct-13 10:38:18

Pay 10k off the mortgage and put in a new kitchen.

NutritiousAndDelicious Sun 13-Oct-13 10:38:34

Pay off overdraft and credit card - £2grand

Put the rest in a bank account and use it as a holiday fund. Me and DS could see the world!

AKissIsNotAContract Sun 13-Oct-13 10:39:57

simplyredhead making 20k last 4 years is seriously impressive budgeting.

vtechjazz Sun 13-Oct-13 10:40:21

Extension! Then year out for whole family to travel the world. If I can't afford both, then the year out.

PasswordProtected Sun 13-Oct-13 10:41:17

Have a new boiler, if there was much left over I would look at having the upstairs bathroom redone.

SkinnybitchWannabe Sun 13-Oct-13 10:43:47

Id get replacement windows!!
If my house didnt need them I'd use half towards bills and the other half on a new car.

nomorecrumbs Sun 13-Oct-13 10:44:27

Put it all towards house deposit...boring!

Might keep a couple of K for a good Easter holiday in 2014.

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Sun 13-Oct-13 10:44:53

Buy a newer car, get DH driving (he's never had a driving lesson, but would love to learn) and any left over would be towards the house. Hopefully would be able to get a stairs carpet with the rest.

LifeofPo Sun 13-Oct-13 10:46:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Sun 13-Oct-13 10:47:24

Do all the work on the house we want to do. New kitchen and bathrooms.

FriskyHenderson Sun 13-Oct-13 10:48:47

Get entire house professionally and quickly redecorated.

Then buy a large van with fridge, kettle, all singing all dancing DVD system, table and seats that turn around so that I can take some enjoyment out of sitting in the car waiting for various children to finish various after school activities every single night of the week.

RevelsRoulette Sun 13-Oct-13 10:48:54

pay off my catalogue and credit card bills, splash out on a bit of new furniture and get a newer car.

FriskyHenderson Sun 13-Oct-13 10:49:27

Or just a car with a privacy screen between me and the kids Either would do.

derektheladyhamster Sun 13-Oct-13 10:50:55

Pay my parents back for the loan they gave us, which we are slowly paying off

SomethingOnce Sun 13-Oct-13 10:51:53

Pay off some of the mortgage (or other more expensive debt).

Otherwise put it away for my DD.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 13-Oct-13 10:52:29

Pay a chunk off my mortgage.

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