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to not warn this woman at work?

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boardcreche Thu 10-Oct-13 09:04:18

posted before about a work colleague who was making my life a misery and whether or not to go to HR... decided not to as I thought I could play that game too kind of thing... HOWEVER... have just found out through some higher up contacts in work that we have a major shake up coming up in the dept. One that she will hate and affects her to the point that she might leave - i would if i were her - but if she knew about it now she might be able to get herself in a better position come the changes.
I am torn. at first I thought, ha serves her right, but now feel guilty and feel I should give her heads up as someone has for me. If these changes happen they way i have heard BTW I wont have to worry about her at all whatever happens.
Do I warn her? Or leave her to it? The only other thing is the info is confidential and if i warned her and she blabbed on me I and my ' informants' could get in big trouble. she is a gossip but i assume she would keep this to herself

zoobaby Fri 11-Oct-13 10:10:32

Maybe she's already keeping this info confidential. Possibly already planning to nab herself a better position. If I were you, I'd concentrate on whatever implications I could mitigate against for myself.

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