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to hope they replace Brucie with Claudia once he finally retires? Or if not, at least with another woman.

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MardyBra Mon 07-Oct-13 13:47:04

I'm still catching up on catch up, but I'm really enjoying having two women presenters and Claudia is really sweet and funny.

Anyway, I'm fed up with the main male and sidekick female format of so many programmes - whether as presenters or in drama.

sashh Mon 07-Oct-13 15:36:06

It's time Brucie retired, I might start watching if he did.

campion Mon 07-Oct-13 15:39:15

grin lol Echocave at Susanna Reid doing it

Dh loves Claudia and hates Tess so it would stop an awful lot of wittering round here if they'd just hand it to Claudia. Agree about her fringe, though.

elcranko Mon 07-Oct-13 15:48:10

I would love for Anton to replace Bruce. I don't mind Tess but do prefer Claudia. I would love for Zoe Ball to present the main show actually smile

VonHerrBurton Mon 07-Oct-13 16:13:58

Keith Lemon? Pleassssse, just for ONE show! ;)

MardyBra Mon 07-Oct-13 16:58:28

You have got to be joking VonHerr.

Claudia and Zoe would do me nicely elcranko.

HootShoot Mon 07-Oct-13 17:05:20

I loved hole in the wall! Clebs in unflattering lycra getting knocked into a pool by a moving wall - what is not to love??

Maybe Aleisha or Arlene could take over from Brucie?《innocent face》

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Mon 07-Oct-13 17:05:47

I like Claudia better on ITT I think. Although I do like having Ian back...

mignonette Mon 07-Oct-13 17:57:49

I'm not an X Factor fan either. Strictly just seems so sedate somehow. Maybe its something for when I'm a little older although at 47 I should be 'old enough'..

JumpingJackSprat Mon 07-Oct-13 18:02:33

soneone mentioned mel and sue from gbbo doing a fab job on that.. maybe they should do strictly too. or maybe just sue cos she is fantastic and very funny.

FrankelInFoal Mon 07-Oct-13 18:34:43

mignonette, sign yourself up for so e ballroom/latin classes and you'll see there's nothing sedate about it wink

3boys1cat Mon 07-Oct-13 18:40:02

I really enjoyed strictly this weekend. Actually watched all of it on catch up (usually have to fast forward through all of Brucie's jokes). Claudia made me laugh out loud and that's not easy to do. Mind you, Vanessa Feltz's dance left me with a tear in my eye, so obviously I'm not quite in my right mind atm!

Littlestgirlguide Mon 07-Oct-13 18:43:02

I'm probably the only person in the country who actually loves Bruce. I think he's fab. It's not meant to be a serious dancing programme, it's Saturday evening light entertainment and he's good at that.

MardyBra Mon 07-Oct-13 18:44:49

"it's Saturday evening light entertainment and he's good at that."

He was reasonably competent back in the 70s, when we had lower expectations and he could still remember the lines.

mignonette Mon 07-Oct-13 18:46:54

Frank I know. It's me. I'm being silly. My DH was a trained ballet dancer and I saw the blood, sweat and tears that go into all forms of dance. I just have this thing about the programme. Probably because I am old enough to remember 'Come Dancing'.

TidyDancer Mon 07-Oct-13 19:03:50

It was much more pleasant to watch without Bruce, but none of the presenters on there are any good IMO.

MardyBra Mon 07-Oct-13 23:59:44

Given that Eddie Izzard was recently voted MN's most loved celeb, he should get the gig. He could do it in French.

adalovelacelaptop Tue 08-Oct-13 00:35:34

Claudia is fab, but the programme really needs an older woman in it to present. The BBC performs a cull when a woman starts approaching 50 so I bet there are loads of talented older women presenters who would be up for the job. They could have a guest presenter every week like they do on have I got news for you. (with Claudia there every week).
But was nice to see two women together phnoar phnoar.

ShakeRattleNRoll Tue 08-Oct-13 00:40:11

I love Claudia she's a great person but I can't wait to see the back of Brucie and Cat Dealey tbh

SamHamwidge Tue 08-Oct-13 00:53:49

A thought occurred to me the other day

If Bruce never retires and keeps on going till he dies, Strictly is on for 3 months of the year...

So he has a 1 in 4 chance of dying during Strictly run!

MardyBra Tue 08-Oct-13 17:07:27


Onesleeptillwembley Tue 08-Oct-13 17:42:47

Samhamwidge there's two responses to your post;
He dies onstage every time he presents strictly. And
He actually died years ago, only nobody has told him.

PresidentServalan Tue 08-Oct-13 17:48:05

I fucking HATE Brucie! Sadly he shows no sign of retiring even though he can't read the autocue, can't pronounce the names of the new dancers and his jokes are shite! I wish the BBC would just sack him, it would do wonders for their viewing figures! (Sorry but he gives me the rage!!) Tess and Claudia would be the dream team although I wouldn't mind seeing Graham Norton host. And it's not even an age thing - Ronnie Corbett was quite good when he hosted as a one-off. It was so much better this week without Brucie!

PresidentServalan Tue 08-Oct-13 17:49:08

SamHam and Onesleep grin

CaptainSweatPants Tue 08-Oct-13 17:54:45

I liked Ronnie Corbett when he stood in one year

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