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5Foot5 Mon 07-Oct-13 13:16:18

DH and I disagree on this. He thinks IABU and I think he is being unrealistic. I would be interested in views and suggestions.

We have ordered a new carpet for the lounge and dining room. While talking to the salesman he explained how much it would cost to have it fitted. He then said "I assume you are OK taking up the old carpet?" Now it had never actually occurred to me that we would have to do this (it is ages since we had any new carpet) so I must have looked doubtful. He then said that the carpet fitter could take it up for us but it would cost an extra £30. My reaction was "Fine, we would like that" while DH was "Oh it's OK we can do it ourselves." The salesman then said we could think about it but would have to let them know before the appointment with the fitter was made.

So. £30. We are not rolling in money but we are not hard up either. Also we found the carpet had a discount on it that we were not expecting which means it is coming in at less than we expected. Either way we could afford the £30 no problem.

DH is saying it will be dead easy we can just pull it up before we go to bed the night before. I think he is being over-optimistic because we will have to cut it up to get it out of the house and if we wait until just before bedtime we probably won't be in bed until about 2am.

In any case we will have to move as much furniture as possible out of the room that evening so once we have done that and then pulled up the carpet it will mean downstairs is a bit of a grim place to be. We don't have nice cosy floorboards it is a solid concrete floor. Frankly I just want to hand over the extra £30 and let someone else deal with it.

Who is being unreasonable do you think? Anyone pulled up any carpets lately to share their experiences?

iWantChampagneOnColaBudget Mon 07-Oct-13 18:47:52

had ours fitted about 2 months ago, they were going to remove and dispose of our old carpet for £30 which was very reasonable, but as the fitting and carpet for one room was costly enough, we decided to do this ourselves.
while kids were in bed, we emptied the room of sofas, tv stand, etc and took the carpet out, and underlay as well as the grippers at the sides, and gave a quick broom and mop.
when the carpet fitter came to put the new flooring in, he gave another broom over and job was over and done with in 45 mins

Merrylegs Mon 07-Oct-13 19:04:47

We didn't even have to move our furniture out. The fitters just moved it around the room as they laid the carpet. Was awesome.

whois Mon 07-Oct-13 19:36:38

You still have to dispose of it yourself anyway, new carpet can't go in the same van as old carpet.

I would advise you do it yourself. I didn't, and the guys ripped it up and started laying so quickly I didn't really get a chance to clean properly underneath.

As someone up thread said - take it up with plenty of time and do a good clean and fix any floor boards.

Floopy21 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:54:49

where are you getting your carpets from 5 foot? Just had a ginormous quote for ours.

AllBoxedUp Mon 07-Oct-13 20:23:49

I recently paid £1 a square metre to have carpets taken up and disposed off and it was worth it. Surprised you have to dispose of it yourself.

Turniptwirl Mon 07-Oct-13 20:43:26

I had great fun ripping up my friends carpet! She was a little scared of how good I was at it actually! The knife wasn't very good so I just started off the cut with that then ripped the rest of it! Great stress reliever!

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