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To want Formula 1 back the way it was?

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Sparklingbrook Sun 06-Oct-13 15:44:50

I want Eddie Jordan, David Coulthard and Jake Humprey. I want Martin Brundle doing the commentary and the pit walk.

All on the same channel.

Suzi perry is nice enough but I don't want her either.

Terrortree Tue 08-Oct-13 00:12:55

Murray is a huge loss just because of his murrayballs. Brundle is great, but I can't stand t'other fella on BBC now. D.Cunthard is a twunt irl. So yuk.

I've just got Sky because watching the highlights is pants. But their warm up programme us tideous.

I really miss refuelling - that added such a great element to F1.

BloodshotDays Mon 07-Oct-13 22:50:32

giveityourbestshot there was a video on the bbc site somewhere of Kimi being interviewed in Malaysia. Starts with him saying he won't take his sunglasses off, goes on to ask to 'keep it quick' or he'll just go back to the motorhome and gives poor Leigh (Lee?) Mackenzie a horribly awkward time. Some people say he's bland but I love the guy for just being himself and not playing 'I want to thank the team etc...' press game.

soul2000 Rush is fantastic!! I will probably be up early for Suzuka as it's an amazing circuit. If you pretend Vettel isn't out front then Korea provided Grosjean fuming at missing out on his debut win and Hulkenberg valiantly holding on to the final podium place wink

Stokes Mon 07-Oct-13 19:42:19

In fairness, a lot of races this year have been really good from 2nd down. I enjoyed yesterday's a lot. I feel bad for being bored of Seb winning because it's not like he and his team don't deserve it, they absolutely do. I just wish someone could challenge them.

It's not fair to be lusting after 1976, we still talk about that season because it was one of the most exciting ever, they can't all be like that. And in fairness, we've had a few good years with the championship going down to the last race, and with more than 2 drivers in the running. This year must be the most dominant since 2009 or 2004; it happens every now and again when the best team and driver hook up and trounce the opposition. It's admirable, if not always exciting.

QueenofKelsingra Mon 07-Oct-13 14:39:46

oooh ooooh totally agree! we watch the sky channel but it isn't quite the same!

and more importantly bring back fuel strategy! and sort out the fricking tyres! So fed up of drivers not being able to race to the max because they need to 'look after the tyres'. and scrap DRS - make them work to earn their overtakes, none of this sailing by on a long straight!

and someone produce a car that can rival the red bull and get kimi in it so we can see how mr vettel copes when he has to do more than lead from the front! (I don't doubt he is amazing but the few times he's been under genuine pressure he makes mistakes)

in short, can we stop it being a 60-lap formation procession please????

I feel better now....

soul2000 Mon 07-Oct-13 13:01:03

You only have to watch the film RUSH to know what a fantastic sport and
pinacle of motor sport formula 1 used to be.

Even 5 years ago i used to get up at 4am to watch the Japanese/Korean
races now i cant even be bothered to watch the highlights.

My dad used to say to me about football"If you knew the result you would not have to play the game" Unfortunatly we know the result everytime in formula 1.

Why dont they just give Vettel and RED BULL the championship for life and dont bother racing anymore.

On a serious note what should be the most awe inspiring sport in the world is now the most dull event to be put on a sunday.

I would rather watch Crown Green Bowls than formula 1.

Sparklingbrook Sun 06-Oct-13 20:45:35

I like to see what hideousness EJ is wearing. grin

Much as I love Damon Hill I agree with that becketts.

WickedPlans Sun 06-Oct-13 20:43:12

No EJ, he's a nightmare.
I usually watch it on Sky, coverage is pretty good but the racing hasn't been great lately.

becketts Sun 06-Oct-13 20:39:22

Im glad someone agrees with me Stokes !!

All the race footage is recorded by FOM and so thats why when the BBC and Sky show the same races live they have the same footage so they have no control over which race battles get shown

I am really going to miss the battles between Fernando and Mark and the friendship off the circuit between them plus the numerous "taxi rides" they have given each other throughout the years

Damon Hill on Sky is not actually that good as a presenter give me DC any day

GiveItYourBestShot Sun 06-Oct-13 20:38:45

I do love a Kimi Raikonnen interview. I always wonder what he's looking at, it isn't usually the camera...

BloodshotDays Sun 06-Oct-13 20:24:41

I want next season to start now because, whilst I admire Vettel's talent, I'm bored now!! Take me back to 2010 when we had something like 5 drivers still in it till the final few races!!

I also want another title for JB and Kimi to give awkward interviews where he clearly doesn't give a damn every week!! Ooh... Ooh... That and some motherflipper to take me to Spa Francorschamps (sp?) sometime soon!

HungryHorace Sun 06-Oct-13 20:20:13

Vj32, do you mean the actual race footage? AFAIK it's filmed by the FIA and this is what is bought by the TV channels.

Obviously it's difficult with highlights to make it fluid, but the BBC works with what it's given.

Sparklingbrook Sun 06-Oct-13 20:17:50

You are not wrong Give. grin

koalacube Sun 06-Oct-13 20:17:49

Yes. I can't get interested at all these days.

GiveItYourBestShot Sun 06-Oct-13 20:17:07

No, he's more handsome these days as a silver fox smile

Sparklingbrook Sun 06-Oct-13 20:04:14

Can we have Damon hill back then? smile

GiveItYourBestShot Sun 06-Oct-13 20:02:40

Murray and James please. Yes, I'm a bit old. Oh, and Ayrton Senna.

vj32 Sun 06-Oct-13 19:41:52

Its just been boring this season. DH was listening on 5live or something similar this morning, and said even the commentator sounded a bit deflated after Vettel got round the first corner first... because everyone knew what was going to happen next.

The poor and seemingly random BBC coverage makes it hard to follow. I've pretty much given up.

Stokes Sun 06-Oct-13 19:38:38

I want Vettel to be given the credit deserved for winning four titles in a row at 26, I want Adrian Newey to continue to be the smartest man in F1 and get the credit he deserves, I want Hulkenberg to get a top drive and not be excluded because hes too heavy and i want Kimi to win the 2014 championship while eating a ice cream

Ok yeah, this. Plus another couple of titles for Fernando.

MuddlingMackem Sun 06-Oct-13 18:21:58

I haven't watched F1 in years, but I enjoyed it most when I used to watch it on Eurosport, with John Watson and Alard Kaalf (sp) doing the commentary. After hearing how good they were I couldn't stand Murray Walker.

becketts Sun 06-Oct-13 18:19:44

Im happy to have one tyre manufacturer because i never want the repeat of Indianapolis 05 ever again it was a complete farce and i think one of the main reasons F1 didn't/couldn't go back to America for a long time

I want Vettel to be given the credit deserved for winning four titles in a row at 26, I want Adrian Newey to continue to be the smartest man in F1 and get the credit he deserves, I want Hulkenberg to get a top drive and not be excluded because hes too heavy and i want Kimi to win the 2014 championship while eating a ice cream

chipsandpeas Sun 06-Oct-13 18:19:03

i dont miss jake he was becoming too smug imo

i watch on sky and do miss EJ and his clangers

Stokes Sun 06-Oct-13 18:10:28

If we could just get Lee instead of Suzie, I'd be happy. In fairness, the commentary teams on both channels are actually pretty damn good, the only one I preferred was the relaxed style of DC & Martin together.

I actually went off Jake by the end.

I wish I could make up my mind re the tyres. It's so exciting, and managing the tyres is a valid skill if not a very sexy one. But it's so impure, who knows what the fastest car/driver combo is. But it's just something I watch for fun, so I should get my head out of my arse and just enjoy the show. Meh, I go round in circles so much I get dizzy.

Sparklingbrook Sun 06-Oct-13 18:06:00

Well there is that magi. We don't want much do we?

HilariousLotus Sun 06-Oct-13 18:05:45

I do miss Jake Humprey presenting which is why i now watch it on SKy because i really can't stand Suzi Perry but i think Eddie is hilarious and gets away with crazier questions than any other presenter would

Dc's commentary is really good and better than the Sky coverage

magimedi Sun 06-Oct-13 17:49:21

I'd like F1 back to some decent racing, the old one hour quali formula, refuelling & at least two different tyre manufactureres, no DRS............... & BBC doing it live every time.

Don't want much, do I?

PS Yes to Jake as well.

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