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AIBU to collect those back-handed compliments?

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oldgrandmama Sun 06-Oct-13 11:43:36

I want to make a collection of MNetters’ back-handed compliments. I’ll start off with some I’ve received:

Cheeky painter doing my kitchen: ‘Oldgrandma, you must have been quite attractive when you were much younger …’ [Bastard! It was the ‘quite’ that got me]

Yummy mummy type friend of a friend, looking at my hair: ‘I didn’t realise you could still get perms like that – very ‘retro’.’ Oldgrandmama: ‘Er, my hair’s naturally curly.’

Seven year old grandkid: ‘We’re doing the Romans at school. I told my teacher you’d be really good to come and give a talk on what it was like to live in those times.’

Disastrous blind date with repugnant bloke – after a couple of drinks, I politely asked what time his train left. Repugnant bloke, leering: ‘Aren’t we going back to your place?’
Oldgrandmama: ‘No chance.’
Repugnant bloke: ‘I don’t mind banging old women. And anyway, at your age, how many more chances do you think you’ll get?’

SueDoku Mon 07-Oct-13 21:55:37

Went to show my MIL the outfit that I had bought for DS's wedding; she was very ill (she died the following week) but left our family a wonderful saying by looking at me and exclaiming, 'Oh, it's lovely, it's just like you - big and bold!' smile
That was 12 years ago and the DC still say the same thing whenever I show them a new outfit ---- swines..!!

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