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to go to the GP?

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redredeyes Sat 05-Oct-13 23:01:24

Warning: looooong!

I gave birth to a healthy DD two months ago. The pregnancy was stressful because I ended up on bed rest for nearly three months after moving to a new country - so absolutely no support network.

My DS is 2. He's FULL of energy. He goes to nursery in the mornings and the carers comment on his enthusiasm for life (no hint of SN, just exuberant).

The first month after DS's birth I stayed in bed most days, gradually getting up and out more towards the end as DH was on holiday and going back to work. I felt pretty good at the end of that time, better than expected, but not 100% (not up to running for example).

My week days are spent in bed in the mornings with DD feeding and out walking from 2-5hrs in the afternoon. I have a double buggy and it's easier to walk 5hrs with DS in it than to chase him at the park whilst trying to breast feed DD. I sometimes take them to the park, but I need to muster energy. DS won't nap in his bed with me as he gets too excited by DD. being there, who cries if put down for more than 5-10 mins. The baby carrier works well, but not for getting DS in bed, as I can't lift him (he climbs out and can undo sleeping bags, so nothing to keep him in. He likes to go to sleep striking my or DH's cheek, and then there's often little problem.

I'm so exhausted now, I cannot cope with DS hitting my legs (not hard, more like v string pat) at the end of the day. I've got a bad cough that sometimes (TMI alert) makes me vomit, which I've had for three weeks and its not getting better and this weekend I've developed what I think is conjunctivitis in both eyes.

I think I should go to the dr, because I feel so crap, but I don't really know what I expect to be the outcome. Everybody is tired, lots of people have colds. I'm pretty sure I'm not depressed (yet!) either. As a bit of back story, I've had various health problems over the last three-four years, which have meant I've had very few weeks of actually feeling healthy during that time. They have been in the last country I lived in though and were handled by my AMAZING GP who had 45min appointments! My current country has a system more like the UK and appointments are 5-7 mins. I take a double, but they're not long enough for much other than a brief overview of the issue.

Sorry that is RIDICULOUSLY long. Tried cutting some out. No drip feeding though as there's not much more to add!

redredeyes Sun 06-Oct-13 11:22:31

Thank you all. I can't reply individually right now, but all your thoughts and suggestions are helping. I think I'm just so drained it's been too much energy to think about some ways around the problems, rather than direct solutions. It's really he

redredeyes Sun 06-Oct-13 11:24:53

..bloody phone!

It's really helpful to see others' thoughts. I don't know about sure start (and I'm not exactly sure what it is, but will google). I'm guessing the dr might have an idea though, so I'll ask when I go.

absentmindeddooooodles Sun 06-Oct-13 11:28:31

Another vote here for reins and a baby carrier. Cant imagine a 2yo being happy in a buggy for 5 hours.

Take a bit more time in the afternoon to be at home. Do crafty rhings. If your ds is at nuesery in the mornings then it wont hurt to be at home a bit more. Go for a nice hour walk in the afternoon and then make it fun at home.
I hope you feel better. Gwt to the gp about the cough too. X

redredeyes Sun 06-Oct-13 16:25:52


The thing about doing things at home right now is that I'm honestly too tired to think. My brain realised he's got the pen and heading towards the wall by the time he's nearly there. And I didn't see it in the first place.

I'm quite big on crafting myself and I'd LOVE to do loads of seasonal things with him as well as painting, sticking, whatever, I just can't manage it right now.

It's been helpful to see what posters are suggesting though, because it's making me realise just how much I can't (and it's really "can't" as opposed to "can't be bothered" or "don't want") to do. I'm thinking I really should mention it to the dr because it doesn't sound "normal" to be this tired.

Sorry for not replying quickly - my eyes are getting better, but it's too sore to look at the screen as often as normal.

Yes love, I'd go to see the doctor if I was you. And track down sure start or whatever's local to you.

Would it help to reconsider your mindset slightly? I mean, if he has a pen and is heading to a wall, what's the worst that could happen? Are there any enclosed parks/open space / soft play (some Mcdonalds have mini soft plays) you can go to? I'm just trying to think of ways that he can get exercise (&therefore maybe sleep better? ) but that you'd still feel in control.

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