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to ask how people who are anti-immigration feel when they hear about migrant boating disasters?

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alma123 Thu 03-Oct-13 21:52:24

Question sums it up really.

Mimishimi Fri 04-Oct-13 23:10:08

The loss of life is very sad. I'm not necessarily anti-immigration but I am against any sort of immigration which would encourage the people-smuggling trade, especially if they are coming from a country which is not actively trying to exterminate or prevent those people from leaving in order to kill more of them. It's not illegal to seek asylum but I do see the need for greater scrutiny of those claims. It's not enough that they are poor in their own country, sorry.

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:58:30

Pope Francis, visiting Assisi, described Friday as "a day of tears" for the victims and condemned a "savage world" that ignores the plight of "people who have to flee poverty and hunger".

That sums up my thoughts on this matter

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:53:31

I feel differently comingalongnicely - I do really think about these issues - some might say too much. But I sort of think that the attitude of 'it doesn't affect me' is why there isn't a focus on resolving these issues.

AnandaTimeIn Fri 04-Oct-13 22:51:38

Oh, yes, I forgot - WWII was a racial war too by the way. (apart from the gays and handicapped/political dissidents - hardly racial, but you get the drift).

comingalongnicely Fri 04-Oct-13 22:50:17

I feel the same as when I hear any similar news in a country that's not this one - mild interest for a minute or 2 & then I tune back into the news that actually affects me....

ModeratelyObvious Fri 04-Oct-13 22:50:10

Alma, if you'd put in your OP "family members are really winding me up on things like this" or something, it would have been a different kind of thread.

AnandaTimeIn Fri 04-Oct-13 22:46:41

I wonder if the OP can say what she thinks would be the result of allowing anyone from Africa to move to Europe if they wanted to? It would be absolute chaos IMO. It would probably lead to racial war.

Hmm, yes, well.....

Racial war has been going on for centuries....
Apartheid anyone, to mention one...

People from Africa etc. would really prefer to stay at home you know....

Thing is, this is a much bigger problem of how one part of the world is fucked in war and poverty and are desperate to get out while another part is hung up on ridiculous sleb news and bullshit.

If we don't do the right thing it will get worse and worse. Wars, terrorism.

We are ALL part of the problem, and we can all be part of the solution too.

It's the politics that are crap - all over the world.

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:46:14

I think what I will take from this though is that a question can be posted and then be interpreted in the complete opposite way from which it was intended. That makes my mind boggle a bit but I shall try to word my questions more carefully in future.

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:44:22

Yes, I'm sure you're right clam.

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:43:49

Hard to do that when it's family members but yes, their views do make me angry.

clam Fri 04-Oct-13 22:43:49

"I have heard various people in real everyday life express strong views about immigration. I just wondered whether hearing of these disasters altered or had any bearing on people who have such views."

Well, let's imagine how the people of the island of Lampedusa might feel, as they're right at the chalk-face of this. They've possibly been feeling swamped by the sheer scale of the influx of desperate people landing on their shores. Yet they've now experienced first-hand this dreadful tragedy on their doorstep. I imagine they feel awful. Much more so than we do, watching the news footage from the comfort of our own homes.

MissDD1971 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:41:14

OK apology accepted. But seriously I would think carefully about the company you keep and try to educate them. but that's JMO.

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:40:58

I'm not a troll. When I mentioned other views, they were in fact views expressed by older family members not in relation to this disaster. I have nothing to do with any far right groups - as I've said, I was genuinely upset by this tragedy.

ModeratelyObvious Fri 04-Oct-13 22:40:28

Ok. If you have to post and run on something provocative again, worth saying that's what you'll be doing in your OP, if possible.

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:39:08

SirChenjin, you would be the last person I will apologise to.

For the other posters, if I have upset you, I am sorry. I didn't mean to cause offence - far from it. I was genuinely very upset by this disaster.

MissDD1971 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:38:57

Totally agree SirChenjin - OP only made it worse when she talked about her friends/acquaintances having similar bigoted views...

MissDD1971 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:37:46

how ON EARTH can you think this post was correct and not inflammatory??!!

I've already reported this post and you to MN.

a lot of what you'd posted here would get you deleted at best on other forums.

wonder away but I think you are a troll. and I shan't be feeding you any longer.

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:36:33

Yes, sorry ModeratelyObvious, I had other business to attend to.

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:35:47

MissDD, how can you say I'm a disgusting person? Now that constitutes a personal attack - perhaps that will give you the grounds to have the thread deleted hmm

SirChenjin Fri 04-Oct-13 22:34:15

Alma- the decent and appropriate response at this juncture would be to acknowledge that your thread was inflammatory, inappropriate, inciteful and ill-judged, and apologise.

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:34:14

MissDD, I'm about as far away from right wing as you could possibly get but I have, as I have expressed above, heard very strong views expressed in real day to day life - as a few others have done so on this thread.

I just wondered whether such disasters had a bearing on people's views and perhaps made them reconsider their positions.

If you (or more importantly the Mumsnet team) believe that this question cannot be asked, then go ahead and ask for the thread to be deleted and I'd be interested to know on what grounds.

MissDD1971 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:32:14

You are a disgusting person OP.

You should change or educate the POV of these bigots you mix with, educate the mindless cretins.

have you never heard the saying about the company you keep? I can't think of it....

alma123 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:29:28

And yes, I perfectly understand that that is a possible response. However, can you honestly say that that is the only response. Are you now speaking on behalf of everyone on these forums?

MissDD1971 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:29:10

and how are anti-immigration people meant to feel when they hear about migrant boating disasters? Are they supposed to be pleased, happy, dance in the streets or are they meant to be sad and have compassion like some normal person should feel.

what a horrid horrid question.

MissDD1971 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:25:26

alma123 - when I read this thread today I was shocked and appalled. in fact more than shocked and appalled. I was disgusted that someone could even think the way you do.

If you think England is some green and pleasant land full of all ENGLISH people you're wrong. Most of our ancestors are from abroad, Vikings, Romans etc... So where do you stop?? People don't tend to migrate generally because they want to it's because they have to - a need. They're (migrants) not all out to fleece society.

I read Mail online sometimes (for stories/celeb stuff etc) and I disagree/agree in some ways with their stances on immigration but they are extreme and right wing in their thinking on it.

Your question right from the start seems inflammatory and heartless and you may as well be a member of a far right group... To be honest I'm going to ask for this thread to be removed. Haven't feel quite so angry in a long time about someone like you. angry

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