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AIBU to think this was worst dinner guest ever

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AlleyAlleyO Thu 03-Oct-13 16:42:59

DP's friend C came round last night for dinner, with his new girlfriend, F. We have only met her briefly, in the pub.

We invited them over last night, I did a slow-cooked pork and apple thing, with blackberry tart and whipped cream for dessert.

Initially I'd done the whole 'we're having this for dinner, hope that's OK' and C had gone 'ooh lovely', no objections from F.

When I served dinner, she just sort of looked at her plate and said 'actually, I'm a bit fussy. I'll have a bit of the sauce though, and a slice of bread to dip in'.

Cue apologies from me, are you sure that's all you'll eat etc. She maintained it was fine, she'd just have a bit of bread. I was pissed off, but whatever.

I brought her the bread and continued my own dinner. Two minutes later, F asks if there is any butter as she now doesn't want to dip the bread in sauce, she just wants bread and butter.

I go and get her the butter. She eats bread and butter.

Long story short (C looking embarrassed, DP shocked, me fuming) when dessert comes out, she seems pleased and asks what kind of tart it is. i say blackberry. She says she's sorry, but she doesn't eat anything picked from the wild.

I ask her does can I get her anything else, she ends up eating mini jammie dodgers from the biscuit barrel. They leave soon after.

I am still not over the shock and have told DP she's never coming round for dinner again- or if she does, I'm not counting her in grin

LessMissAbs Tue 08-Oct-13 11:38:36

I hate stewed fruit puddings, they almost make me boak, but even I managed more than half of one at a dinner at friends recently. And then I excused myself by it was delicious but I was too full to eat any more.

Its just basic manners to eat whatever is put in front of you when invited out like this. I'm surprised at how many people don't though. I had a friend up recently, and while she is lovely and there was no falling out, I was a bit surprised when she turned up her nose at the fillet steaks I had bought to cook for dinner, and insisted on being driven round town looking for an Indian takeaway that met her requirements!

Lavenderhoney Tue 08-Oct-13 14:51:52

Thanks LGOsmile I was single without dc at the time and even I could see her dh was an unhelpful arse.

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