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To think it's odd to be on the phone while you wee?

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Beastofburden Thu 03-Oct-13 14:48:03

Just come back from the loo. Next cubicle, someone in there having a normal pee, flush. Just like me in fact.

Except she is on the mobile phone. Funniest thing I ever heard, really. "Mmmmm...yes <wee>. Oh, really, did he? <trickle trickle>. Oh I shouldn't worry about it, he's always like that <flush>.

The person on the other end must have heard the whole thing. I know I am a bit shy, I never fancy those two-bicles they apparently have in nightclubs, but still...

Am I getting old? am I just Too British? would you do this?

Fakebook Fri 04-Oct-13 13:41:31

Eew. That's pretty disgusting. My dd once took the phone into the toilet with her for a poo whilst she skyped my niece and nephews. She sat there video chatting and pooing but no one noticed, until I came upstairs and took it off her. Bleugh.

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