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To make a formal complaint about the GP surgery?

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wink1970 Mon 30-Sep-13 14:39:39

Early in August I developed a sudden-onset range of symptoms including swollen abdomen, excruciating back-ache and spotting. After a bit of online research - it was over the weekend, so 2 full days before the surgery opened again -I put this down to my coil possibly slipping (coil number 3, had always had a good experience) and went to the doctors..... who did nothing, nothing at all except refer me for an ultrasound.

Ultrasound was an 8 week wait (!) so I went to the FPC and had the coil removed. This didn't change the symptoms, it clearly wasn't the coil.

Fast forward to about 1 week ago (and in the meantime I have been back to the doctors 3 times, with no course of action by them other than 'wait for the ultrasound') and I bought some antibiotics on the Internet... and lo, my symptoms have gone. I would guess that I had some form of cervix infection.

Now, I know we shouldn't over-use antibiotics, but surely over 4 visits you would have thought they would have (a) thought of the possibility of an infection, or (b) prescribed some just to shut me up, or (c) had a good poke around rather than waiting for an ultrasound that didn't tell them anything anyway?

AIBU in thinking of making a formal complaint, maybe even a snotty lawyer's letter about malpractice? I have been in considerable pain and discomfort, but am also wary of being 'blacklisted' - it's hard enough to get an appointment as it is.

PennySillin Thu 03-Oct-13 15:46:06

Can we ever be too flippant when it comes to our health?

No never and anything less is unacceptable BUT the NHS is broken. We have a population of 63.23 million and only just over 250,000 GPs. More and more GPs are working part time and we are not recruiting enough to maintain the numbers we currently have never mind increase the numbers to what they should be.

Now this doesn't excuse how the OP was treated and I think extra investigations should have been done but we are expecting top notch healthcare from a failing system. Its imploding and I can't see a way out.

ukatlast Sat 05-Oct-13 21:48:36

PennySillin with a rising and ageing population, they need to be training more Doctors and Nurses for sure.

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