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to be pissed off because people keep telling me that my baby is cold.

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froken Mon 30-Sep-13 10:55:57

Ds is 9 months old. He hates wearing hats/socks and bibs. I have tried to dress him in tights or babygrows, he gets his feet out of the babygrows and he becomes hysterical when he tries to take the tights off and they get stuck.

Today it is 8 degree. Ds is wearing thermal underwear, clothes and a snow suit designed to be sufficient down to -30. ( if anything I'm worried he is too hot) his little bare feet and hands are visible and he has no hat.

7 people have stopped me and told me I should have socks/a hat.

Why are some people such busybodies? I feel terrible every time someone gives me the my poorbaby is freezing lecture. It makes me feel like we should stay at home but ds loves the groups we go to and gets bored easily at home.

Aibu to tell them to mind their own business?

ThreeMyselfAndI Mon 30-Sep-13 14:14:50

I would not approach you to say anything but I would be like this shock and would judge, sorry I am being honest I dont think it cold enough to warrant hats and gloves just yet but no socks, his wee feet must be freezing and sore. I would think he was inappropriately dressed without socks especially as you have thought it cold enough for a snow suit.

randomAXEofkindness Mon 30-Sep-13 14:18:29

DD1 has always been missing some important piece of clothing. She's still naked for most of the day now (she's 4). You're not leaving his shoes off because you're a bad mum. You've considered the advantages/disadvantages to your dd and make a decision. I'm always surprised that people get negative comments off strangers. Nobody has ever said anything to me (3 free range kids, varying degrees of undress, bf in public, in the big bit of the trolley shock and everything). I think I must just look dead 'ard grin.

Just hard-face it out. Some people are genuinely concerned that you're neglecting him, others are just taking whatever opportunities they can to give themselves a psuedo pat on the back. Both kinds are wrong in this instance. I'd just give them a hmm look and carry on.

Beastofburden Mon 30-Sep-13 14:39:49

DS2, who is autistic and profoundly LD, once ran away. He was found, stark naked, on the far side of a busy road, by a nurse who thought it was a tad odd to see a tiny boy wait nicely for the green man and cross the road with nothing on at all.

The police who took him away wouldn't give him back to start with until they realised he was 10 and not 4. Meanwhile my only thought was: "if he pisses all over the back of that panda car I will be going to prison".

Does that make you feel better, OP?

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