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To dislike people who are Always Right.

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ConfusedPixie Mon 30-Sep-13 09:54:34

It's minor I know, but it grates on my nerves. My Dad is one of these people, starts huge arguments over nothing and if you dare to have a differing opinions he's all "woe is me, I'm always wrong. Don't listen to me, I'm wrong."

My landlady is like it too (I'm a lodger). And it's never something big, it's something petty and ridiculous. Like yesterday she posted an interesting video on facebook. It was an experiment as to peoples reactions to a gay couple getting flak from a waitress based in Texas. At the end it referenced the same experiment done in New York. Whilst chatting about it I said "And that guy! The one who actually high fived the bloody waitress!"
She stopped and said "No, that was in New York." I shrugged it off and just said, "Oh, I thought that it was the Texas clip in the diner, oh well." and tried to leave it at that, but then she kept on and on about how actually, it was in New York not the Texas clip and so on.

I have seen the video again since then and it was the guy in Texas. Not that it matters, it's a moot point, it's a ridiculous thing to use to 'prove' that you're right about. It's always things like this, with both my Dad and my landlady.

The best from my Dad recently was him having a massive go at me because I won't go self employed (I'm a nanny, have called HMRC three times in the past month alone about this and have been told all three times that no, I cannot become self employed!) and him saying "I'm self employed, my employer pays my tax, then I pay my tax too and I get a massive tax rebate every year in the thousands!" I gave up at that point and told him that yes, of course that's how it works.

Why do people have to be Always Right ffs? Why is it so hard for them to say "Actually, I'm mistaken about that."


digerd Tue 01-Oct-13 07:44:17

My DB is the worst I have ever known, inherently contradictive. As a child DM called him contrary as he would not do what he was told and do what he was told not to do.
Now he contradicts everything I and his wife say, but will repeat in different words exactly what we said. He has even contradicted himself to contradict me.grin. Does not do it to men ,though.
Dsis has to be right in a different way. I have shown her the written proof on one occasion but she still said it was wrong and she was right.
She does not do it to our DB though.

DoJo Tue 01-Oct-13 09:59:31

I love a good discussion, but try to curb my urge to 'prove' myself right as I know it's an unattractive quality and one which ends up with petty squabbles being blown out of all proportion.
Weirdly, I find few things more appealing than someone who can climb down gracefully from an incorrect assertion and every time I hear someone hold their hands up to being wrong, I remind myself that even I admire them more than someone who will go on and on until everyone is so fed up that they agree with them, so I try to keep this in mind when the urge descends!

RobotLover68 Tue 01-Oct-13 16:19:33

I worked for someone who always had to be right - even when she was wrong - she was very annoying - I don't work for her anymore grin

ConfusedPixie Wed 02-Oct-13 09:06:21

I'd check with HMRC on that one slutbucket, very rare for them to approve it (mainly maternity and temps, sometimes those with two or more though I'm in that category and have been told no by numerous HMRC advisors) and you'll be the one paying a fine if they haven't.

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