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EDL - English Disco Lovers

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ohmymimi Sun 29-Sep-13 15:22:01

Don't hate, gyrate. Look them up on FB/Twitter. A brilliant idea that is really taking off.

meditrina Sun 29-Sep-13 15:40:30

Thanks for posting this!

I heard of them the first time on MN (when there was an other EDL thread going like today).

And the more well known this version of the initials becomes, the better.

meditrina Sun 29-Sep-13 15:43:53

Here's their website.

ohmymimi Sun 29-Sep-13 16:07:16

Many thanks for the link, Medritina.

ohmymimi Sun 29-Sep-13 16:08:32

Oops -nn fail, Meditrina.

MrsBucketxx Sun 29-Sep-13 16:09:45

Yup there awesome.

YouTheCat Sun 29-Sep-13 16:10:49

Donna Summer

meditrina Sun 29-Sep-13 16:14:45

Unfortunately, the thread about the Other EDL is attracting much more attention than this one.

ohmymimi Sun 29-Sep-13 16:33:21

Meditrina - well there's a surprise. Fortunately, Disco Lovers is doing much better than my thread! But maybe some people will check it out who had not come across it before.

CatAmongThePigeons Sun 29-Sep-13 16:34:52

I like this a lot grin reclaim the name!

filee777 Sun 29-Sep-13 16:36:35

I bloody Love the EDL

'Being racist ain't quite sane, let's all groovy out on the disco train'

I love them, they are brilliant.

LynetteScavo Sun 29-Sep-13 16:39:30

Hahahaha! Love it. grin

Not sure I'd actually wear one of their t-shirts...but if they made mugs.....

Jammyforeigner Sun 29-Sep-13 16:40:08

I can't even bring myself to comment on the other thread.

<shameless bump>

londonrach Sun 29-Sep-13 16:45:39

I commented on other thread hoping to lighten it. Love the fact the edl is a dance group.......

filee777 Sun 29-Sep-13 16:47:16

I've had to avoid the other thread, I've had enough infuriating Mumsnet for one week end already!

natwebb79 Sun 29-Sep-13 16:53:10

Yep been a member of their page for a while now! Love it! :-)

WineIsMyMainVice Sun 29-Sep-13 16:53:56

They are fab! Saw them at a festival this year and they were brilliant!!
Too right - reclaim the name!!

ohmymimi Sun 29-Sep-13 16:56:55

Lynette - they do have mugs and tote bags!

londonrach Sun 29-Sep-13 17:00:47

Which festival did they play at. What music did they play.

MissMarplesBloomers Sun 29-Sep-13 17:01:02

Been a fan since they first appear on FB, love the idea they are diffusing the other lesser EDL's impact around the country. Even managed to knock them off the top of the Google page a few times too so keep googling them to help it keep happening!!grin

LynetteScavo Sun 29-Sep-13 17:03:33

Oooh, I've found the mugs. Pricey, so I will have to save up. smile

filee777 Sun 29-Sep-13 17:05:20

An EDL mug sounds like the best thing ever, that's Christmas presents sorted.

SauvignonBlanche Sun 29-Sep-13 17:07:17

No links, google them, they're trying to beat the other bastard EDL in the google listings.

meditrina Sun 29-Sep-13 17:14:27

I googled.

Unfortunately they're third behind the Other EDL's page and wiki.

But perhaps more hits and links will help.

filee777 Sun 29-Sep-13 17:21:30

I think we should all try and search them every day. It would be a small gift to humanity.

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