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to want a religious wedding?

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flaquark Sun 29-Sep-13 11:13:35

I had always promised DP that if I ever got pregnant we would get married - so we are getting married.
He is letting me decide all the bits and things. I came to the decision that I wanted to get married in a Jewish ceremony.
We are both jewish but both raised secular and dont believe in a God. But do and did all the other bits.
DP doesnt mind either way so there we go.

I have had more than a couple of comments from people that we shouldnt be doing this, that it is distrispectful things like that.

And it has me doubting and thinking that people will think we are just doing it for a 'pretty' wedding day.

Because I think it's relevant - I'm adopted and dont look 'jewish' (being black with white parents does that) (technically means I'm a convert) so I think I tend to wear my Jewness on my sleeve a bit.


flaquark Tue 01-Oct-13 22:53:50

Vivien I did mention that I'm technically a convert
blackberry kind of basically. It isnt a 'sacrement' in the way it is under christiannity (done under jewish law and traditions. It isnt even a mitzvah (commandment). Having children is but marriage never has been so it's more cultural, legal and traditional. (it has been a long time since I was sat in a room learning those things)

Thanks Sam way way better at explaining than I ever could be.


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