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AIBU to ask my brother to strip the bed in the spare room.

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ShakeRattleNRoll Fri 27-Sep-13 00:16:44

AIBU to ask my brother to strip the bed in the spare room at my mothers after he has stayed there? We both stay there from time to time but I get so fed up of having to strip his bed when I want to stay there.I feel he should do it himself.At the end of the day it is my Mothers house and what she says goes and if she tells him to leave the bed made up he will.I know I must respect my mothers wishes but it doesn't half annoy me.Your views please?

Morloth Fri 27-Sep-13 03:18:37

Is this really worth stressing your Mum about?


Lj8893 Fri 27-Sep-13 03:39:24

So you expect your brother to strip the bed everytime he stays there (once a week you said) just in case you might stay over in the meantime?

I'm sorry but no, i wouldn't expect my brother to do it every time. I would expect him to change the sheets every so often as he is the main user of the bed but no way every week when the chances are he will be the next person to sleep in it!

I think you will just have to suck it up. After all it benefits you, nobody else.

DropYourSword Fri 27-Sep-13 03:48:34

I wouldn't be expecting him to change the sheets every time he stays if he assumes he's going to be the next one in the bed either. I would only expect him to do it if he was aware you'd be there next. Otherwise it's would be very costly to do unnecessary washing. I think some posters are being a bit unfair to the brother!

Is there anyway you can both come up with a schedule so he knows when you'll be there?

Brittabot Fri 27-Sep-13 06:49:26

Why don't you both agree to leave the sheets on after a stay but change the sheets before using the bed? That way if it is your brother staying again he can leave them on, and you'll always have lovely fresh sheets when you stay.

Crowler Fri 27-Sep-13 06:54:39

Ugh. I don't have a brother so I can't exactly relate, but I would be extremely grossed out by smelling a man other than my husband in my bed. Just gross.

I think it's pretty standard to strip a bed as you're leaving someone's home. If your host is on the tightly-wound end of the housekeeping spectrum, it's obvious. If they're laid back and you think it's possible they intend not to change the sheets gross then you can just ask.

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