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Is my husband UR

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Periodsarenotagift Thu 26-Sep-13 21:50:08

I suffer from heavy,long and painful periods.

I finally plucked up the courage to see my doctor whom advised me that the Mirena coil would be the best option.

I have talked to my DH and he does not want me to have any contraception as it does not agree with me.

When I have hormonal contraception I always have very light periods that can last for months, i tend to get depressed and have a lot of mood swings.

Before anyone asks DH has had a vasectomy so an unplanned pregnancy is very unlikely. This was one of the second biggest factor in him having the operation done.

I guess I am sick of being in pain 5-6 days every 28 day

wantsleepnow Fri 27-Sep-13 15:56:15

If you do decide the Mirena is best for you, do keep a really close eye on your mood swings. I was told that it wouldn't affect my moods but I was virtually homicidal - could feel my blood boiling as I got more and more angry about the smallest thing. It was truly terrifying to have so little control over my moods and as soon as I made the connection with the Mirena, I was down the doctors having it taken out. The doctor tried to persuade me that the two weren't linked but the difference before and after was too much to be a coincidence.

But there are also loads of success stories so hopefully it (or something else) will work for you!

Driz Fri 27-Sep-13 15:53:23

Yes he is. What has it got to do with your DH? It is your body and your health issue.

Topseyt Fri 27-Sep-13 15:45:47

I take tranexamic acid, so ask your GP's thoughts on this.

I have to take it for 4 or 5 days of the month, and it really seems to work. If I don't take it I tend to flood uncontrollably during the first few days of my period, which is horrendous and embarrassing. Scans were clear, and blood tests all fine. No reason could be found, so I decided it was worth a try and I am glad I did.

At the age of 47, and for a few other reasons too, I can no longer use hormonal contraceptives, so tranexamic acid was the way to go for me.

Echocave Fri 27-Sep-13 14:46:22

OP I totally second all the advice about investigating reasons for your heavy/painful periods before attempting to treat it with contraception. I had a small polyp that was causing awful periods. Easy to remove and had immediate effect. I'd put up with really heavy periods for a really long time - I could've kicked myself after I had the op! Best wishes to you

PoppyWearer Fri 27-Sep-13 11:51:53

Good luck OP!

TheSmallPrint Fri 27-Sep-13 10:41:40

My friend has the Mirena coil and has periods that go on for three and four weeks now. She has just been back to the dr to ask for it to be removed.

Periodsarenotagift Fri 27-Sep-13 10:34:20

I have now booked a doctors appointment and DH is going with me.

gnittinggnome Fri 27-Sep-13 09:59:38

I can't speak to the Mirena, but two of my good friends were suffering appalling mood swings and painful periods and after scans both were found to have quite large cysts on their ovaries. I'm not suggesting you have cysts, but it might be worth getting that checked out before embarking on something that might cause a problem. Further conversation with your GP sounds good.

And your DH is clearly trying to look out for you! Good man smile

Weegiemum Fri 27-Sep-13 00:21:40

I loved mirena, had 3 of them. Very good - no periods, no migraines, fab.

But on the other side, may I present exhibit A - this rather cute 9 year old female child?

Dh had a vasectomy after that!

turnaroundbrighteyes Fri 27-Sep-13 00:11:45

Oh and if you try mefanamic acid (sp) be careful with alcohol. Might just be me, but tried it when I was younger, worked to a point but felt very drunk after 1 drink!

celestialsquirrels Fri 27-Sep-13 00:11:26

Mirena made my quite bad PMT much worse
But my periods almost stopped
I think it is different with different people but it is still hormones so it may affect you as the pill has. You won't know until you try it I suppose.

turnaroundbrighteyes Fri 27-Sep-13 00:08:31

I have endometriosis and had injections for a year to stop me ovulating (brilliant, but only usually prescribed for 6 months) then Mirena to stop the endometriosis getting worse. As PP's said hormones are localised so less likely to affect you than oral ones. Hated the Mirena, but kept it in to be more likely to be able to concieve when ready (worked :-)) but side effects were most likely to be down to my not having had children at that point.

Definitely worth taking DH to Drs to discuss further.

Periodsarenotagift Fri 27-Sep-13 00:07:35

Amazing advice.

MutantAndProud Thu 26-Sep-13 23:55:55

curmit the other drug will be tranexamic acid.

kali110 Thu 26-Sep-13 23:20:56

Aww thats bad poppy, guess its like everything, great effects for me and maybe op but not great for everyone.
Iv never actually heard anyone i know who's had the mirena say anything good about it.

SheRaHasTheAnswer Thu 26-Sep-13 23:11:15

I had ablation last year, absolutely wonderful!
No periods, no pain and no interference with my hormones.
Only downside is I won't be eligible for hrt in the future.

homeagain Thu 26-Sep-13 23:06:53

Depends why you're on Mirena. I had one and had v light periods, which was great, but I did end up pregnant on it which was not great. Ultrasound showed that it was perfectly in place. So I wouldn't recommend one if it's for contraception. Or use back up.

curmit Thu 26-Sep-13 23:05:58

P.S - I'm having the blood tests for iron and hormone levels etc too.

PoppyWearer Thu 26-Sep-13 23:05:15

kali fwiw I used to be on Cerazette and even that sent my hormones doolally. I was even more depressed when I was taking it and the GP insisted I stopped.

curmit Thu 26-Sep-13 23:00:26


I have your problem and went to Gp this week - I don't like taking contraception either, so have gone down the route of Mefenamic Acid and another med (also something acid) which you take around your period. I used to take mefenamic acid years ago and had forgotten about it, but pain wise, it really works. It stops the clotting which causes the pain. The other med (I can't remember name sorry) is supposed to make the periods lighter.

Can you ask your GP about this option? I promise the mefenamic acid is great for relieving the pain.

Good luck x

kali110 Thu 26-Sep-13 22:54:30

Have the pill cerezette! Completely stopped my periods and you don't have to have a break every few months.I cant have any that need a break as i get seriously bad migraines like clockwork every break. I get them bad enough as it is so didn't need another thing causing them!

lookingfoxy Thu 26-Sep-13 22:53:53

Im on my 3rd mirena and think they're the best thing since sliced bread. The hormones are localised to your womb. I had terrible cramping and bleeding that lasted 8 days and only a 2 week break before it all started again. I am now period and cramp free which lifts my mood no end. Looking back I don't know how I coped.

MutantAndProud Thu 26-Sep-13 22:49:36

Brokensunglasses copper coils can make periods heavier and more painful. It's the hormones in Mirena that works on the periods.

Good luck either way OP. Painful and heavy periods are just horrendous.

MutantAndProud Thu 26-Sep-13 22:47:17

Actually onsera brings up a good point. It might be worth being referred to a gynae anyway and have a diagnostic lap to see if there is another reason (endometriosis or fibroids) which are causing your painful periods.

BrokenSunglasses Thu 26-Sep-13 22:45:51

Would a copper coil have the a similar effect on periods, or does it have to have the hormones in it to do the job?

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