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To not like myself that much, especially on here

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SocksinBoots Thu 26-Sep-13 19:34:22

I've just had a cringey look through my old posts (under loads of different usernames) and I think I sound like an arsehole.

I try to respond to new posts and then read back my reply and think "ugh, what a pratt/arsehole/whiner" and then go back to Active Convos.

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 26-Sep-13 20:42:29

gawd I never look back. I think I'd die tbh. I like myself for today and thats all that matters to me

ShootMeNowPlease Thu 26-Sep-13 20:45:10

I really don't like myself on here much, which is one of the many reasons why I'm so careful to stay very anonymous (which reminds me, it's time I changed my name again). But that's because I come here to whinge, complain, say I can't cope and generally vent all the stuff I can't let out in real life. I think I'm a nicer person in the real world than I am on here.

And I don't look back at old posts.

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 26-Sep-13 20:48:21

oh and yy to the stop NCing. Don't look back, but never NC. Unless of course you have admitted to some murder or other. As soon as I see someone say 'oh I got a telling off on AIBU and had to NC' I think what a wuss

BlingBang Thu 26-Sep-13 20:50:55

Nah, i only name change so much as I spill too much and realise I could be recognised. Probably time for another NC, shame, I like this one...

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 26-Sep-13 20:52:44

why does it matter though what you spill? Unless it is seriously incriminating? My MN name is almost part of me now

usualsuspect Thu 26-Sep-13 20:55:07

I could never NC.

Even if I've been a mega twat, I just brazen it out grin

DoBatsEatCats Thu 26-Sep-13 20:55:20

Yep, I'm with BlingBang. I like the idea of "knowing" people on here, but I don't like the idea that if anyone in RL spotted me on here they could read everything I've ever posted, including times when I've felt unbelievably low at stages of parenting I found very hard. And if a colleague spotted me I'd have to commit ritual hara-kiri.

Calloh Thu 26-Sep-13 20:58:23

I've name changed from please pudding because it was a shit name and then Firm Young Carrot because it made me sound like I'm young when I'm 33 and i was really thinking about Withnail. But then my name now reads like callow which is probably how I sound. It's weird how your name makes you feel about your responses.

I feel very serious and mature as Calloh which is ridiculous

BlingBang Thu 26-Sep-13 21:00:36

There are a few old well known posters who never seem to give anything away about their lives, I couldn't really tell you nothing about them. They just seem to comment on what other posters write, nothing personal given away. there are only a few who I feel I know lots about.

Calloh Thu 26-Sep-13 21:02:58

Sometimes I see names I think are really, really great and hilarious and get a bit jealous.

OP you do not come across as unlikeable at all.

olidusUrsus Thu 26-Sep-13 21:04:37

I'm a right dick. On here and IRL probably sad

LRDMaguliYaPomochTebeSRaboti Thu 26-Sep-13 21:06:31

I know what you mean. I can get it really badly wrong, and I feel a twit when I do.

But I honestly think it's pretty rare that someone consistently comes across as unlikeable.

Bowlersarm Thu 26-Sep-13 21:08:18

Same here usual

The only way I could ever see myself name changing is if I have a very personal problem I wanted opinions on. I might just be a different name for that particular thread.

If I've had argy bargey on a thread I wouldn't change my name. You just have to take it on the chin.

CatAmongThePigeons Thu 26-Sep-13 21:09:46

I feel I come across as a twat on here, thankfully I am quite invisible on her and IRL, so my twattishness is avoided.

I do sometimes wonder why I wrote what I did, then I cringe and die a little more inside.

usualsuspect Thu 26-Sep-13 21:13:10

I don't really think a chat forum is that important tbh.

It's just pissing about on the internet.

southeastastra Thu 26-Sep-13 21:14:17

if we over analysed everything we said on here mn just wouldnt exist

LRDMaguliYaPomochTebeSRaboti Thu 26-Sep-13 21:17:32

Oh, I agree usual but I am sure I come across pretty much the same in RL. It's just in RL you don't get the chance to analyse as it's not all written down.

No one else will ever agonize over what you say as much as you.

ElizabethBathory Thu 26-Sep-13 21:19:05

I nc all the time because I think I'm coming across as a twat. With each nc I think right that's it, I'm not going to sound like a twat now, but after a couple of minutes days I've said something cringeworthy again.

Not going to nc again now I know everyone else feels the same grin Plus I love my new name.

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 26-Sep-13 22:45:55

I think we need to apply the handbag and watch test to NCing. I for example keep the same handbag and watch come what may and indeed only own one bag/watch. Others I know chop and change according to their mood. It seems alien to me, I would feel disloyal to my handbag/watch. And I feel the same about my MN name <freak>

I think I am insightful and wise and everyone should fall about laughing at my great wit and acknowledge my advice as the definitive for their situation.

Back in the real world...

Countess Bathory... Now there was a woman who got what she wanted.

SocksinBoots Fri 27-Sep-13 01:29:15

Sorry, fell asleep shortly after posting.

Thanks for making me feel normal. I shall try to stop the cowardly name changes smile

WhiteandGreen Fri 27-Sep-13 02:11:47

Name change as much as you like. I do now and then, when I've said something really prattish.

When you reread something daft you've said it feels as real as if you've just said it, whereas in RL such incidents fade into the distance.

randomAXEofkindness Fri 27-Sep-13 07:20:08

I name-changed from nocoolusernameYO because I reread my comments and realized that I sounded like a thick version of Sheldon off the big bang theory. I thought I'd try being one of these likeable counselor type clever people. But I sound exactly the same, because it's still me writing the posts. I can't help but write everything like I'm writing a letter to the council, except the grammar is worse because I don't edit it 60 times, like I do with letters to the council... you see? I'm boring myself.

Calloh Fri 27-Sep-13 08:28:56

Random, I didn't think that was boring, I thought it was hilarious and I laughed out loud. Mumsnet makes me laugh so much but i rarely then post about it. So I suppose we often don't know how people react to posts anyway.

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