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Children first on public transport

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Vintageclock Tue 24-Sep-13 14:14:23

A friend of a colleague is just back from one of the Scandinavian countries -Denmark, I think - and apparently the norm there is for people with children to go to the top of the queue, and for passengers to get off the bus if someone with children wants to get on and there is no room.

Anyone know if this is true? And if so, aibu to think it's completely daft and a totally ott attempt at being 'family friendly'?

SHarri13 Thu 26-Sep-13 12:01:24

But what about people with more than one child?

I would personally stand and let my children share a seat if the bus was packed.

TheBigJessie Thu 26-Sep-13 12:06:37

Young, disabled people cannot always just go on a parent's lap either, as Mumsnet has taught me. Quite apart from parental disabilities (which aren't always visible), sometimes the child's current condition also precludes it. Again, that's not necessarily visible either.

People don't fit into tidy little boxes. They cross categories.

dontyouknow Thu 26-Sep-13 12:43:05

I wouldn't expect to be let on a bus first or for someone to get off for me if it is full just because I have a baby and child with me. I always offer my seat to an elderly person or pregnant woman or disabled person.

My mum is a very active 70 year old. She said she was slightly put out the first time someone offered her a seat several years ago (thinking do I look that old?) She still said thankyou and sat down then decided actually it was quite nice to be given a seat! Now she loves it when someone offers.

A bit off topic but I hate my train journey home from work in half terms - the entitled Surrey Mummies whose children all have to have a seat each. One time the train was heaving and a woman was sitting with three children, two on one seat, one on another seat and she was sitting on her own. Surely you put the youngest on your lap and make the other two stand? Then someone got up from the fourth seat around the table. I was clearly going to take their seat but had stepped back to let them pass, during which the woman got one of the children who was sharing a seat to crawl under the table and take the empty seat so I couldn't have it - she knew exactly what she was doing as she was saying, "quick, quick, get it first", to him. I was completely shock.

Hugglepuff Fri 27-Sep-13 07:41:40

Children other than babies and toddlers should def not get priority on seats. My dc are 11 and 12 - I have to prompt them a bit, but they know that they have to offer there seat to people who are elderly /have disabilities / are pregnant etc .
Surely that's just teaching kids good manners

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