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to think that 8.30 am is too early to skin up

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drwitch Mon 23-Sep-13 10:56:57

it seems to be getting more and more common round us (dads doing it while walking their children to school, people doing it before opening up their shops for day)

I am just really surprised that it is done so much in public

AngryBeaver Wed 25-Sep-13 03:03:13

Ps would take me 10 seconds to skin up, fwiw, so wouldn't take much time to prepare!
However, the lat time I built one was 4 years ago, IN Amsterdam IN a cafe, with NO children shock

TheBigJessie Wed 25-Sep-13 10:04:56

I don't actually drink coffee, red bull, alcohol or smoke any form of cannabis or tobacco. This either means I'm an impartial judge, or speaking ignorant nonsense.

<Big Brother voice> you decide.

However, from extensive observation (family, flatmates, etc), I would say the following affect judgment and behaviour, and I would not allow someone to look after my children while under their influence:

My only concerns about cigarettes are the second- and third-hand smoke. My mother-in-law supervises my children while highly-caffeinated, shortly after having had a fag (outside) frequently. grin

I cannot, in good conscience, make any comments whatsoever about Red Bull, because I haven't had the chance to live with several people who drank it, so I have hardly any anecdata.

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