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AIBU to be royally pissed off with MIL?

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LittlePeaPod Mon 23-Sep-13 02:59:53

DF and I get married today grin. Yeeeaaaaaa, very excited and been up since 4am. We are getting married abroad, just the two of us and our intention is to have a big party and blessing for family and friends after our DD is born in January. Family and friends have been fully aware of this from the start. Although we both understand our respective families (particularly mothers) are disappointed not to get the big white wedding. But on the whole everyone has been supportive.

No one had seen my dress. On the day we traveled I knew MIL was really upset and tearful about not been at the wedding. So I thought it would be nice to show my dress and some pictures of the bouquet etc, because she had been asking about it. She came round in the morning, asked if I could wear her necklace which she wore at her wedding so she could be here in spirit and I was honoured to do so. I then put the dress on for her and she took a couple of pictures under the full understanding no one was to see the pictures because I wanted DF to see the dress first to have on the day and show FIL only.

Well, I found out yesterday that MIL has been going round showing all and sundry the pictures of me in my dress. AIBU to be really pissed off? She knew I didn't want anyone to see the dress before DF and I got married and shared our wedding photos ourselves. I am so angry about it and I feel I don't want to see her for a while when we get back. Not not until I have calmed down.

Please can you tell me, AIBU and is this irrational pregnancy rage? Would you be pissed off?

LovesBeingOnHoliday Tue 24-Sep-13 05:24:57

Congrats, and I hope your mum doesn't get upset about mil seeing tge dresss

LifeIsBetterInFlipFlops Tue 24-Sep-13 09:53:33

It's a shame, but let it go - remember it is her son getting married, she clearly loves you and wanted to show you off.
Congratulations too.

CostaLady Tue 24-Sep-13 10:23:06

Congratulations! How did it all go?

LittlePeaPod Wed 25-Sep-13 05:27:32

Thank you ladies. Still irritated when I think about it but its not worth creating havoc over. More important things in life.

LovesBeignOnHoliday. That is a massive concern and has the potential of becoming a very hot potatoe. Thankfully they live in different cities and rarely get together. The are really competitive of each other confused in a nice/friendly but childish way. But to try and mitigate the reaction from my mum I will be going there with the wedding album so she sees it first and gets the blow by blow account first. Honestly what we have to do sometimes hmm. Ha ha ha

Costalady. I am sure every bride thinks this but it was the most perfect day. We enjoyed every minute of it and its wonderful to now be Mrs LPP. grin. The only way I can describe how we feel and felt about the day and getting married is "it just feels/felt so right". If that makes sense?

LovesBeingOnHoliday Wed 25-Sep-13 05:51:12

Good idea she deco needs a bigger first to counteract with just in case grin

LittlePeaPod Wed 25-Sep-13 06:39:12

Loves I know. I am dreading the birth. Anyway, they both think the due date is later than it is because we know what they are like. Even though they have both been asked not to just turn up at the hospital, they both will. The last thing I need is my mother and MIL at the hospital. It will be like the Golden Girls if you remember them on some sort of amphetamine. Ha ha ha. And they have both been told they can't stay with us until the baby is a few weeks. That went down with both of them like swallowing broken glass. grin. Ha ha ha

roweeena Wed 25-Sep-13 07:17:05

I would be royally pissed off but not worth making a big deal out of it. We did the same for our wedding and MIL wasn't happy either but hey - it's my wedding!

Not worth kicking up a massive fuss but I would probably make it known it was unacceptable - and remember not to confide anything in the future - she blew her chance

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