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To think people don't seem to recognise the difference between evening wear and wedding clothes any more ?

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BetsyBidwell Sun 22-Sep-13 08:24:47

(Disclaimer yes it doesn't matter compared to Syria , I do get out a lot, yes the bride and groom were lovely , etc etc)

Day wedding yesterday. Just too much tit. Too much bare top halves. Shiny cocktail dresses in a country church.

Just too much.

BetsyBidwell Sun 22-Sep-13 08:25:14

Too many bare top halves

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 22-Sep-13 08:26:36

I blame Gok and his get the boobs out and hoik it all in with an enormous waist belt.

aGnotherGnu Sun 22-Sep-13 08:28:10

Depends. Most peo

BetsyBidwell Sun 22-Sep-13 08:28:27

I think a lot of people had planned to diet. One woman looked amazing in plain black dress. Coral cardigan and statement collar type multi coloured necklace.

Er.. Yes

BetsyBidwell Sun 22-Sep-13 08:28:53

Plus tattoos. pince nez

BetsyBidwell Sun 22-Sep-13 08:29:26

Maxi dresses and Peruvian smuggling type hair doughnuts

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 22-Sep-13 08:29:41


No-one knows how to do smart daytime any longer, or many people don't.

It is actually because the ceremony and even the meal and photos part of the wedding, which used to be the focus, has become a kind of precursor to the drinking and dancing in the evening.

Which is a shame.

tombliboouun Sun 22-Sep-13 08:31:25

Yanbu. Remember Tara Palmer Tomkinson's attire at Kate & Willie's nuptials? Hideous for a daytime wedding!

aGnotherGnu Sun 22-Sep-13 08:31:38

Most people possess evening wear, some don't have day-dresses. So I think a party dress is ok if you can't afford a new outfit, as long as you stick a jacket or pretty cardi over the top for church/meal.

But really, a lot of brides show cleavage and shoulders don't they?

As long as people look clean and tidy and happy to be there, and not flaunting too much flesh in church, I think all is well.

MusicalEndorphins Sun 22-Sep-13 08:32:27


BetsyBidwell Sun 22-Sep-13 08:33:18

It wasn't the bride with tits oot. Was guest. Wobbling everywhere.

TiredDog Sun 22-Sep-13 08:33:57

I saw a country wedding the other day which was attended by loads of women in very short dresses <donning hard hat for the next bit> and very fat legs. Just because you want to wear a short dress ...and they sell them ...does not mean you should. It really was an arresting sight. I pondered whether men would be swayed to wear clothes which exposed their beer bellies just because it was fashionable and decided, no. Which left me thinking dressing like that makes some women look foolish.

I also decided this was an observation which should never be made because people would pounce on me for all manner of thought crime

snice Sun 22-Sep-13 08:35:11

How are all the adds on this page for evening dresses? Creepy

OP, I concur we need more decorum

TiredDog Sun 22-Sep-13 08:35:57

There's tits and tits. Tits that look like they are in a dress too small and less that 50% of the breast is hanging on in for grim death are not the best look

BetsyBidwell Sun 22-Sep-13 08:36:54

The tension on fabric was max. Ladies buy a dress that fits.
One woman looked amazing in long sleeved stretch grey animal print dress. Tights. She was curvy but the dress suited her.

snice Sun 22-Sep-13 08:37:47

And yes to the short dress/sturdy leg conundrum-lots of delusional people without access to mirrors?

Incacola Sun 22-Sep-13 08:37:53

I agree OP. We've been to a few weddings recently where a few girls have felt that wearing neon tiny tight skirted dresses are appropriate wedding attire.

chicaguapa Sun 22-Sep-13 08:38:26

In Spain, they wear evening dress for weddings. We had that dress code for our wedding as it looked so smart and we didn't want two pieces with matching hats.

MintyChops Sun 22-Sep-13 08:39:40

YANBU, some weddings it looks like a box of Quality Street has detonated all over the guests.... I think Alibaba has hit the nail on the head; people are dressing for the party not the ceremony.

Trazzletoes Sun 22-Sep-13 08:41:22

Oh. I have "sturdy" legs. I never get them out because they look terrible.

I have spent months getting to the point where I was just thinking that perhaps they didn't look so bad in real life and it was mostly in my head and a knee length skirt mightn't be all that bad.

Now I see that it is sad

raisah Sun 22-Sep-13 08:42:59

Oh yes, I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and oh my goodness the outfits!

1- girl had a dress on which barely covered her bottom & then spent the entire day hoiking her dress down. WHY?!!

2 - another v curvy girl had a long black skin tight dress on so tight that you could trace every fold, lump etc of her body with your finger. She had no knickers on & had her breasts hoicked up by tape.

3 - another had heels on so high she couldn't walk & later was skewered to the ground when her heel was stuck in a grate.

None of these girls looked lovely, they all looked like they came from the red light district of Amsterdam.

I think more people should wear saris tbh, they cover all the bad bits & make women look so elegant. If worn properly of course, not slutty style like Liz Hurley with her breast exposed!

snice Sun 22-Sep-13 08:43:01

I'm not talking about knee length skirts! It's the lycra bottom skimmers

mumofthemonsters808 Sun 22-Sep-13 08:43:48

I think some people have also forgotten how to dress for funerals. Unless specified, I think smart dress is appropriate and certainly not nightclub clothes. There again I'm very old fashioned.

TiredDog Sun 22-Sep-13 08:45:37

Trazzle I have sturdy legs. I do wear 'on the knee'

I suspect you weren't planning mid thigh grin

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