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to think that Olympus Has Fallen may be the craziest film I've ever started??

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Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:11:59

Ok we started this shit film 40 minutes ago.... Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman.... Sounded ok

But my god it has seemed like the biggest pile of crap ever to date. No way could the white house fall like that and it's like every baddie bullet hits the target whilst all the good guys miss and get killed. Those bad Koreans just seems so typecast too!

Aibu to think I should save myself the next hour and just stop now?

#firstworldfridaynightproblems grin

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:13:02

Damn autocorrect... I said crappest and it decided I mean craziest.... Nope I really did mean crappest....

AngelsLieToKeepControl Fri 20-Sep-13 22:14:56

It is worth it just to see the gorgeous Mr Butler in action imo, however it is brutal and the storyline is pretty unrealistic, and one of the actresses in it is really annoying, watch Law Abiding Citizen instead, that is an excellent film.

Binkyridesagain Fri 20-Sep-13 22:15:06

I just spent the film wishing that someone would shoot Gerard Butler.

YANBU! I found that mumsnetting whilst 'watching' helped to improve it.

TheCrackFox Fri 20-Sep-13 22:22:28

It's one of those films that would have been improved with the addition of aliens or, perhaps, psychotic robots.

CoteDAzur Fri 20-Sep-13 22:23:35

YABU. It's an action movie. With Gerard Butler. What more do you need? wink

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:23:44

angels law abiding citizen is a great film, loved it!

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:24:48

thecrackfox psychotic alien robots is exactly what this film is lacking!

CoteDAzur Fri 20-Sep-13 22:25:16

Law Abiding Citizen is obviously about a million times better.

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:25:32

binky dh is currently rolling his eyes and asking what I'm doing in mm "again"....

GiveItYourBestShot Fri 20-Sep-13 22:25:44

YABU! The crappest film with Gerard Butler in has to be Reign of Fire! Still worth eatching though grin

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:27:52

coted'azur there's many things Gerard Butler can get me round but sweet mother of God these people are thick.... I could have prevented the white house being taken better than these clowns!!

Ps we r going to visit you on our holidays next year! Near frejus!

AngelsLieToKeepControl Fri 20-Sep-13 22:28:41

No the worst one he did was Attila the Hun, I still watched him it though grin I am currently watching Movie 43, this is probably a contender unless it improves soon.

sonlypuppyfat Fri 20-Sep-13 22:28:56

I always say to my DS when he says a film is unbeilievable is that the first rule of watching a film is to suspend disbelief.

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:30:55

giveityourbestshot your name is sooo apt for this film.... Only the baddies can apparently give it their best shot, the entire us secret service sucks....

Except for GB obviously, he is brooding, a good shot and has some kind of matrix shield against bullets, they just whizz round him! <rolls eyes>

BerryMojito Fri 20-Sep-13 22:32:22

Could not bring myself to watch a US self-love fest that had the gall to name itself as the mount of the gods! The arrogance astounds me.

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:33:21

sonlypuppyfat I watch lots of action type movies with dh, I'm an action movie kinda gal. I don't mind suspending disbelief, I can do alien invasion and everything but if I could find my biscuit emoticon this film could have it.

There's suspending disbelief and then there's leaving disbelief on the next planet whilst sucking a crazy gullible lollipop....

boschy Fri 20-Sep-13 22:34:53

Yup, it's shite! fortunately we downloaded and therefore didnt pay astronomical cinema fees...

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:35:09

berrymojito you are what I need to be drinking now! wink

And I can even suspend my disbelief of their arrogance normally too, not so much now! America good... Korea bad... It's a bit shock

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:38:45

Gerard "these sons of bitches are tough"

Army bloke "I got the toughest sons of bitches in the god Damn world"

<rolls eyes times a million>

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:39:42

Dh says I knew what I was getting in to when I started it so I need to ssshhhh now grin

GiveItYourBestShot Fri 20-Sep-13 22:45:08

I paid to see it at the pictures hangs head in shame

Maggietess Fri 20-Sep-13 22:50:01

giveityourbestshot we've fricken paid to get it beamed into our own home! smile

Snatchoo Fri 20-Sep-13 22:50:21

I liked it!

And I don't know if it's unbelievable as I've never been to The White House and I'm not a terrorist or secret agent.

KatyTheCleaningLady Fri 20-Sep-13 22:54:08

It was stupid and I enjoyed it. The POTUS saying "give them the code! They'll never get it out of me!" made me lol.

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