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AIBU to not want BIL looking after DD

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sewingsue Thu 19-Sep-13 21:23:30

BIL lives abroad and visits for 2 weeks every year. This visit he says he wants to take DD, age 2, out for the day by himself. I've said no as DD doesn't know him and he doesn't know her.

DH is cross that I'm making things difficult for him with his brother as BIL is asking why we don't trust him. To me it's not about BIL, it's about DD.

Am I being overly protective?

Inertia Sat 21-Sep-13 08:12:45

It's not the right thing for your child - that should be the end of the story. She isn't a toy to be shared out, or a token to be handed over as proof of trust - she is a toddler with her own practical and emotional needs, and there's no reason why she should be dragged away from her parents to spend the day with three people she doesn't know.

Without making any accusations, I really don't get why they are insisting you and dh can't go along too. Surely a family day out for all of you would be more fun and easier in practical terms?

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