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about Christmas thread rudeness?

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froken Thu 19-Sep-13 19:19:18

Recently more and more Christmas threads have been popping up in AIBU. Yes we all know it is September but the people posting obviously care about the issue they are posting about.

On every thread there allways seems to be a couple of people popping us saying "yabu to even think about christmas in September" "I don't even think about Christmas untill after 9pm on the 24th of December" and the worst "there is a Christmas thread you should post in there instead of in AIBU"

The threads are clearly marked as containing Christmas bassed issues but still some people who have a hatred of early Christmas planning open the thread, read the thread and then post a rude reply. I have seen this happen on threads with fairly sensertive content.

The idea that all Christmas bassed AIBU should be in the Christmas thread is really mean in my opinion. No one goes onto a thread where the person has written something like "AIBU to be worried that my 6 year has no friends at school?" and says "ummm you do know there is an education topic, you should post there not in AIBU"

Many people don't need to plan Christmas in advance, some people do need to plan Christmas in advance. I need to book flights, dp will need to book time off work, there are complex family issues behind who is where on Christmas day. I don't think I (and other posters who need to plan Christmas in advance) should feel like we are offending people by asking questions about our issues.

AIBU to think that if you don't want to think/read about Christmas in September then don't open threads with the word Christmas in the title?

usualsuspect Fri 20-Sep-13 15:28:46

Some posters never leave the AIBU topic, so I suppose it's inevitable that they will post about Christmas in there.

PeppiNephrine Fri 20-Sep-13 15:31:19

Sometimes the right answer is yabu to be talking about christmas though. If someone comes on saying "oh I'm so worried about where great aunt muriel is going to sit" or "AIBU to wonder if my sister will bring her new boyfriend to lunch" etc etc, then the absolute correct answer is for fucks sake why are you are stressing about this now? Its months away, get a grip on yourself.
nothing to do with being mean spirited or bah humbug about it.

usualsuspect Fri 20-Sep-13 15:38:20

I quite like Christmas and I do read the Christmas bargain thread.
But I'm quite arsey about any thread being posted in AIBU just because the OP never posts anywhere else.

<dons thread police hat>

Trigglesx Fri 20-Sep-13 16:40:16

I don't mind it. But then I love all things Christmas (except the cost!!).

I will say that I feel I've missed something though... parkin is better than Christmas cake? What's parkin? Must do some looking on that..... confused

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