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To think that every eleven year old who gets less than a level 3 in their SATs should have a statement and see an ed pych to see how thier needs are best met.

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ReallyTired Thu 19-Sep-13 12:51:21

My son has a friend who was disapplied from SATs. The boy was given the key stage 1 paper and got a level 2 on teacher's assessment.

The child is not statemented inspite of being on the SEN register for his entire primary career. I feel this child has been badly let down by his primary. Thankfully the secondary school is organising high quailty SEN support and the child's mum says that he is making excellent progress in the 3 weeks that he has been at secondary.

I feel that a child with such low achievement should have been statemented long ago. I feel low achieving children should be referred to the ed pych by law and the schools should be fined if they don't make the referrals.

daftdame Fri 20-Sep-13 11:07:49

Fluff Yep schools 'playing the system', doesn't mend the system. It is tactical rather than strategic but the schools do not have to be concerned about a child's welfare long term, like parents are.

'Playing the system' distorts need and means resources are not (officially) allocated to those who need them. Honesty and transparency is the only way.

PeppiNephrine Fri 20-Sep-13 11:13:33

More testing, more paperwork, more frameworks and standards and levels and key don't need more of this. Your system has been getting more and more convoluted and leaden and non-workable for YEARS and your standards are falling, not rising. Whatever you are doing, its not working.
Why advocate for even more of the same?

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