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I'm sure I am but it pisses me right off

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MrsWinklepicker Mon 16-Sep-13 19:34:41

My ILs do not have and have never had a dishwasher. I, on the other hand, would not be without mine. Whenever they come to stay, after having a cup of tea they will go and wash their own cups up, or their bowls after breakfast or whatever. It really gets on my tits. I have a cocking dishwasher, it's going to be turned on anyway to wash up my bowl which you haven't touched, so why wouldn't you just put your things in there. Or, better still, stay out of my kitchen.
aibu to feel a bit stabby?

usualsuspect Mon 16-Sep-13 21:53:07

Competitive washing up grin

Loving the PA 'you do rinse don't you'

MacaYoniandCheese Mon 16-Sep-13 21:57:32

Think you are being U. Lots of people don't have dishwashers and/or view running them as extravagant. It is also a well known fact that dishwasher owners are very particular about the way dishes are pre-treated and loaded <looks around accusingly and at self in mirror>. I think they are trying but failing to be helpful.

Slightly irrelevant story: I've had dishwashers my entire adult life (so I know how to use one, fgs) but this summer we rented a cottage with one in and we broke it because we weren't familiar with the controls of this particular model blush. Am now slightly wary of all unfamiliar dishwashers

BlackeyedSusan Mon 16-Sep-13 22:01:39

i do not have a dishwasher. i would be ecstatic to leave my mucky pots in one where I was visiting. guilt free mucky pots.

oh and I do think running dishwasaher is extravagant nad mybe not so environmentally friendly, (well, I have to console myself somehow) but using extra water to hand wash pots when you are going to wash them anyway would be worse.


MmmmWhiteWine Mon 16-Sep-13 22:05:42

Only on MN could a MIL washing their own cup up be called smug


InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Mon 16-Sep-13 22:06:49

mrshoratio of course I see what you're saying- but I use only one nearly full bowl of very hot water for most meals, with about 2 litres of water in the half bowl for rinsing. For a huge amount of washing up I change the water and use another half bowl. And my dishes are perfectly clean. And I don't have to buy expensive dishwasher tablets and spend extra money on electricity to run it. And! If you don't rinse stuff before putting it in the dishwasher [using more water] you end up with welded on crap all over everything. Bleugh

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Mon 16-Sep-13 22:09:11

usualsuspect grin

FixItUpChappie Mon 16-Sep-13 22:09:40

I can't be arsed to looked at the whole thread but YABU. My stay with us for long periods of time (problem a) and just hoist their dishes on the counter without so much as rinsing them off (we have a dishwasher too). I'd much rather they cleaned up after themselves.

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 16-Sep-13 22:10:45

Well we'll have to disagree. I'm glad you rinse when waking up, DH doesn't when he does the nice glasses that are too tall for the dishwasher and it drives me mad.

I don't rinse before loading the dishwasher and everything comes out clean. Dishwashers rinse before they start the main cycle anyway, so there's no need.

Gossipmonster Mon 16-Sep-13 22:15:20

Only on MN - five pages discussing washing up grin

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Mon 16-Sep-13 22:16:51

Well mrshoratio you've very nearly convinced me. Now, what can I chuck out so I've got room for a dishwasher.....

DameDeepRedBetty Mon 16-Sep-13 22:29:29

We call ours the Dirty Cupboard.

It's a small one, nine settings rather than 12. DP doesn't fully understand how to load it despite being shown a dozen times and sometimes if I'm back late and he's done tea, I find he's helpfully decided to make a start on the washing up. He will have done the glasses, mugs and plates and left them to airdry, leaving the pots, baking trays etc nicely congealing in cooling greasy water. And because he's fifty-something and needs reading glasses for close work, but doesn't put them on to wash up, the plates and glasses are still actually dirty.

Using the principle of pick your battles I've currently given up on this one... I have nearly trained him to sort the recycling properly, it's only taken a year and a half.

ThisWayForCrazy Mon 16-Sep-13 22:37:00

Jesus, really? You need something more in your life

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 17-Sep-13 07:53:01

Glad to hear it InSpace

My work here is done <accepts fiver from the British Dishwasher Council>


MrsBW Tue 17-Sep-13 07:57:08

The Eco mode on our dishwasher uses 6L per cycle... Less than a washing up bowl

I get stabby when DH washes things by hand... Total waste of water.

MrsBW Tue 17-Sep-13 07:59:58

Inspace... I get what you're saying about cost of elec and dishwasher tabs.

Tabs always on offer though ... Just bulk bought 200 on Groupon for £20

The dishwasher is A+++ (i think) rating, so not worried about elec.

The time it saves is ridiculous. Only bought it 2 months so and it's changed my life.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Tue 17-Sep-13 11:44:30

Ok.... Now I really want one

SybilRamkin Tue 17-Sep-13 14:07:59

My MIL actually washes dishes before putting them in the dishwasher! It drives me bonkers! Do one or the other but there's no need for both! I think she's taken pre-wash rinsing to the extreme.

I know it's totally none of my business how she conducts her kitchen life, but it still gives me the unreasonable rage!

Pinkpinot Tue 17-Sep-13 14:13:02

My mil will keep and wash one cup
My parents have so many cups of tea that I run out of cups, so sometimes is rather they washed up

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