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to be irritated that this is a big deal?

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shelldockley Mon 16-Sep-13 10:38:48

My name is shell dockley, I am 34 and I do not drink tea or coffee. There, I've said it, is that a big deal? No, I don't think so, only for some reason my best friend always makes it one! Every single time I see her, whether it's at her house, mine, or out for lunch/shopping/day out, it gets mentionned, EVERY SINGLE TIME!
It is not an issue anywhere or with anyone else, they know I don't drink them, they offer me something I do drink, that's that. It irritates me that she makes a big deal out of it, but I can never say anything, in case that is seen as me making a big deal out of it, ha ha!

Sushiqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 13:33:20

Another one here who doesn't drink tea or coffee or hot chocolate, mullied wine etc.......

I can just about cope with a cup of black tea if I really have to but would prefer to drink cold drinks.

Have trained my dad now - he just askes if I want vodka, wine or beer grin

SueDoku Mon 16-Sep-13 14:00:21

I drink weak coffee but not tea no not in a million years unless you want me to be sick on your floor so it's easier to just ask for a glass of water. I like water, it's fine, no, I don't like squash - no, not even your special mango and passionfruit one - no, just plain tapwater is fine thanks.....No, don't bother opening the bottled water, tapwater will be great thanks - no, I don't like lime cordial - nor pineapple - nor vimto - JUST FUCKING WATER - oops, sorry I shouted..........

chirpchirp Mon 16-Sep-13 14:04:37

I don't drink hot drinks either. First time I met DH's grandmother she offered me a cup of tea and I politely declined explaining that I didn't like tea. She tutted at me, shook her head and walked away mumbling something about the kind of woman her grandson was marrying! grin

TheWinterOne Mon 16-Sep-13 14:08:46

I don't find it a big deal. I don't drink tea but do coffee. If you don't drink them, you don't. Everyone's tastes are different.

GoldenGytha Mon 16-Sep-13 14:15:28

I don't drink tea or alchohol at all, some people seem to be really horrified by that.

I used to drink a huge amount of coffee (black) but I only drink it now at someone's house, or occasionally if I meet a friend in town.

I much prefer to drink cold drinks, anything that isn't milk or water as I detest those too.

TheWinterOne Mon 16-Sep-13 14:21:54

I can't stand milk as a drink on it's own either.

shelldockley Mon 16-Sep-13 14:31:52

I love a glass of cold milk, but that gets equally bemused reactions when I ask for a glass with breakfast when staying in a hotel! Most staff direct me to the jug of room temp milk alongside the cereal, mmm yum.

BeetleBugBaby Mon 16-Sep-13 14:41:28

I don't drink tea and the closest i get to coffee is a mocha latte. People think I'm weird too.

rockybalboa Mon 16-Sep-13 15:39:03

I don't drink them either, don't like the taste. Not often has it been a big deal. Some people are surprised and say "but what DO you drink?". Somehow I have made it to age 36 without total dehydration...

homeagain Tue 17-Sep-13 02:12:42

My DH hates tea and is a teetotaller and a veggie. And it took a long time for my DPs to get their heads round that. He also has 3 sugars in coffee, and this is often a cue for head shaking and long commentaries from people.

BeeMom Tue 17-Sep-13 02:30:17

I live in North America and don't fancy burgers or pizza.

Might as well hand over my passport now hmm

BadLad Tue 17-Sep-13 02:42:59

Any other onion haters?

The onion is unique among vegetables. If you dislike any other vegetable, people will just accept it.

Say you don't like onions, and people will look incredulously at you. They will probably ask you why, as if it is some choice you have made.

garlicbaguette Tue 17-Sep-13 02:55:30

Being dairy-free has given me a few moments. It's not a choice, I lament the loss of cheese, but the price I pay is too high. At a recent party, there was a table creaking under the amazing food everyone had made - absolutely none of which was dairy-free. People going, "Can you have just a bit of this/ One of those?" No, you lovely people, because you made it with butter, didn't you - like all sane people who don't have to scour the planet for vaguely acceptable alternatives.

Rant over. Sorry blush When people ask if you'd like a cuppa, smile sweetly and tell them you'd like a black coffee - made with cold water and no coffee wink

MistressDeeCee Tue 17-Sep-13 03:06:23

I don't drink tea or coffee. I dislike tomato sauce.

Also don't like fridge temperature cold drinks, room temperature is fine. No carton juices. I will drink squash with fizzy water, but not plain. Although I will drink tap or bottled still water

I can see from thread it really does take all sorted & that's fine, we all have our own tastes..

(My youngest hates onions yes I'm incredulous at that but am going to be more mindful in future)

nonmifairidere Tue 17-Sep-13 09:11:39

Truthfully, I find other people's food foibles a bore. Whining "I don't like this or that" is so childish. We are bliddy lucky to have choice- millions do not. I'm not donning any protective gear or digging a bunker because I do not give a flying fig what anyone thinks of my views.

MurderOfGoths Tue 17-Sep-13 09:15:03

hmm Well that's an odd reaction to people having preferences..

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