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To make him read the book again?

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IsotopeMe Sun 15-Sep-13 20:19:41

Ds has a book from school that he whizzed through. The teacher was surprised at his speed and set him a comprehension exercise.

He has completed the exercise today but there is no set due date as such.

On further questioning, the comprehension exercise, which is very easy, was completed using only the first start of the story. When we told him he needed more detail to flesh it out a bit , it transpires that he has 'forgotten' the rest of the story.

I then read up a summary of the book, and asked him questions about various important events in the book, such as how did x escape? Who helped him? Etc Ds was unable to answer any of them.

So, whilst I believe that he has read the book, I don't think he has comprehended the story at all. Dh and I asked him to write out a book report template to show his understanding and he can't complete even the easiest of questions about the plot.

So, we have two options...

One, let him hand in the comprehension exercise to the teacher, and he has completed it to a level wher she will think that he has understood the story even though he hasn't.

Or two, we can make him reread it,complete the book report to show his understanding, hand the comprehension report in,with us , him and the teacher all knowing he can has understood the book.

However the suggestion has been jet with tears and tantrums. Are we being unreasonably pushy parents?

ClayDavis Mon 16-Sep-13 03:39:13

I was quite the opposite. I love to read and will read most things but have gone off books I'd previously liked after having to study them at school.

I get the feeling the homework on the OP's DS's book came after people had decided he hadn't read it properly not when he chose (or didn't choose) the book.

YouTheCat Mon 16-Sep-13 07:27:55

MM is possibly a bit old for an 8 year old. Yes, he can read it but the concepts may be over his head a bit.

Cut him some slack if he is usually good at relaying the details.

I've known children be completely put off reading at this stage by being forced to read when there is no enjoyment in it.

He has the basics. Let him enjoy it.

ILetHimKeep20Quid Mon 16-Sep-13 08:29:56

He's 7?

You need to back off.

Mm is possibly over his head and dull.

You want to install reading as an enjoyable pastime, not a chore, especially at 7.

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