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To be disappointed with my lie in

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Thatsnotmychicken Sat 14-Sep-13 08:08:18

Dh is taking dcs swimming while I catch up on some sleep. So far I have been asked,

'where are my swimming trunks?'(with all the swimming stuff)

'Where is the dcs shampoo?' (In the shower?)

'where is the dcs hairbrush?' (On dc1s dressing table)
both girls want to wear dresses and its raining -

'which pair of rights should they wear under these dresses?'

So much for my lie in - is it really that difficult?

SummerHoliDidi Sun 15-Sep-13 09:15:10

My lie in yesterday was disturbed by 3yo dd2 arriving in my bedroom with a yoghurt for me. She announced that it was my breakfast but I'd have to get up and come downstairs because she couldn't reach the spoons hmm. I'd rather have had some more sleep tbh.

quoteunquote Sun 15-Sep-13 10:52:11

In future, before anyone uses screens (TV/computer) , make them find all items for the following day's activities and make them put them in a bag by the door, or in the car,

make them lay out the clothes they intend to wear, and spares,

When they come in the door, make them unload bags to washing pile, and storage, sort out the next day's stuff, that way they do it, and you are only involved in advance.

Suggest in order to become familiarised with the location of items, they do a complete top to bottom clean of the house, and reorganise all drawers, shelves and cupboards.

Stick to this and never again have other household members try on the, I can't be bothered to try, so intend to make someone else compensate for my pathetic efforts game again.

It makes life really easy.

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