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To want to stitch Miley's mouth closed ?

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cannotfuckingbelievethis Sat 14-Sep-13 07:47:02

Saw her on Alan Carr Chatty Man last night....So bloody annoying. And why does she insist in sticking her tongue out in every single picture taken of her ?

SirChenjin Sun 15-Sep-13 19:51:59

So true 12th! grin

DownstairsMixUp Sun 15-Sep-13 19:51:03

She's rubbish poking her tongue out or keeping it in. She can't sing very well, she has no real talent.

12thDoctorsCompanion Sun 15-Sep-13 19:43:53

Sirchenjin unforch Miley does not keep HER toungue in her cheek! grin.

MalcolmTuckersMistress Sun 15-Sep-13 19:35:38

Crickey I agree with you 12thDoctorsCompanion it always amazes me when people take such offence! Bit silly really.

Anyway OP yanbu, but I must admit if I looked as good as her I'd be equally as irritating!

SirChenjin Sun 15-Sep-13 19:26:10

But this is MN 12thdoctor, the place where the concept of 'tongue in cheek' has yet to be invented wink

12thDoctorsCompanion Sun 15-Sep-13 19:22:41

Im in complete shock that posters are taking the OPs metaphor so literally!

how many threads are titles with similar metaphors and phrases? like wanting to string up a politician by his Jacobs or send some shamelebrity into a black hole and other examples?

isshoes Sun 15-Sep-13 17:18:06

And I wasn't telling you how to do anything, I was pointing out a misnomer.

isshoes Sun 15-Sep-13 17:12:02

EmmaBemma tell me how it's misogynistic?

cannotfuckingbelievethis Sun 15-Sep-13 16:02:58

If I'm being completely honest I still don't get why my original comment has been perceived as mysoginistic. I do not suggest that she shouldn't be sticking her tongue out because she is female or that she should be silenced but simply state that it's bloody annoying and getting a bit old now.

ubik Sun 15-Sep-13 14:40:32

you don't get to tell people how they should and shouldn't respond to language.

Why on earth not? grin

ubik Sun 15-Sep-13 14:38:45

Frankly I don't think the tongue waggling bottom wiggling crotch grabbing persona is Miley either. In fact I don't Miley even knows who she us. Apart from someone who can shift units and make money for shareholders.

cocolepew Sun 15-Sep-13 12:59:17

I think she lucked out with Hannah Montana, she wasn't even the most talented in her own show Lily was

I had to suffer it when the DDs were younger and the movie was soul destroying.

VitoCorleone Sun 15-Sep-13 12:48:04

I think she looks like the third member of Jedward.

Gruntfuttock Sun 15-Sep-13 12:42:00

OP, I think you are being VVU to want to stitch Miley's mouth closed.
A staple gun would be so much quicker and less labour-intensive. I wouldn't be without mine.

EmmaBemma Sun 15-Sep-13 12:38:59

though I do take your point, ryangoslingspants, that you didn't intend it to come across that way.

EmmaBemma Sun 15-Sep-13 12:37:50

isshoes I found the OP's language misogynist, yes. It's not a word I "bandy around" every day, and I reserve the right to call it when I see it: you don't get to tell people how they should and shouldn't respond to language.

SirChenjin Sun 15-Sep-13 11:50:45

I don't listen to her videos or watch her on TV, but I am conscious of her - unless you live in a cave you can't help being. I've also got 2 teenagers and a 6 year old, and the older 2 are very aware of her and her behaviour. Fortunately they are both intelligent enough to think she's pathetic, but there are plenty of girls in DDs year who have completely bought into the whole hyper sexualised imagery that the media/record companies/artists churn out.

So yes, we can switch off - but wouldn't it be better to challenge the behaviour or Miley et al and demand more real talent?

BoozyBear Sun 15-Sep-13 11:36:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ExcuseTypos Sun 15-Sep-13 11:29:02

But if the media didn't insist on only writing about outrageous things, the artists wouldn't have to make such outrages videos/lyrics and women wouldn't have to behave so outrageously.

Of course record companies want results. They aren't charities.

SirChenjin Sun 15-Sep-13 11:22:11

Shit - I still haven't done the ironing, I am definitely off now.

SirChenjin Sun 15-Sep-13 11:21:35

And the record companies put the pressure on the artists to sell or lose their contracts - and so that means using the media to raise your profile. The media is the vehicle, the record company push for results, and the artists are the puppets.

ExcuseTypos Sun 15-Sep-13 11:17:17

I was responding to several posters who said the record companies are to blame for the way Miley is acting.

They aren't. The media dictates everything in the music business.

Viviennemary Sun 15-Sep-13 11:06:20

What other bad habit will take the place of this. I shudder to think. What a ghastly creature this girl has become. What's gone wrong. It won't end well. It's sad it has all gone wrong.

SPBisResisting Sun 15-Sep-13 11:00:29

I can't imagine SC sayinf "yes dear...mmm don't you think you should tone that outfit down a bit? No? OK then, your call"

SPBisResisting Sun 15-Sep-13 10:59:31

SUrely the record companies are in the driving seats? Apart from possibly for huge stars like Madonna or Elton john? Sure everyone else just does pretty much as they're told.

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