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To be furious that DH wants to give up work?

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KittyKatkatKat Thu 12-Sep-13 18:25:34

Well am I? DH and I aren't short of a bob or two but FGS, he's just announced that he's giving up his job!
I'm pulling my hair out here. I've got such a nice lifestyle as a SAHM to my baby boy, have lots of friends and a Mum and sister who visit often. Actually, they practically live with me whilst hubby is away with work.
He's now giving up so that he can spend more time at home and I don't know what to say. His family are overbearing and he's going to be kicking around the house all day. AIBU? I'm in a real tizz about this sad

Mimishimi Fri 13-Sep-13 06:38:48

Ahhh... took me a while and reading this thread to get what this was all about blush

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