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AIBU to not let Grand Theft Auto 5 into the house?

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wigglybeezer Tue 10-Sep-13 20:09:37

DS1 thinks I am being monumentally unreasonable banning him from playing GTA until after his exams next summer. EVERYBODY else at school is allowed to apparently, but then maybe they do not have the attention span of a gnat and the will power of a wet flannel like DS1.

I think it is simpler to say no outright than have to nag him to revise every weekend.

He claims he is going to punish us by being in a foul huff for the next nine months.

Sigh...potty training was a breeze compared to wrangling teenagers.

YeahWhat Thu 12-Sep-13 19:17:30

I am a bit flexible with age ratings of computer games but I refuse to ever have any of the GTA games in my house. My kids are in their twenties and late teens and approve of my ban. There are loads of other great games.
I didnt let them have any first person shooters until they we 15/16 ish regardless of age rating.
Our family, including me, are big computer game players and we have lots of systems and lots of games. I have never felt any desire to even try GTA.
LINK telling you about GTA 5s content

Here is an excerpt from the article I have linked to above

"The words “f**k,” “c*nt,” and “n**ger” can be heard in the dialogue."

"Even the in-game TV gets in on the act, with programs and radio ads containing "instances of mature humor: myriad sex jokes; depictions of raw sewage and feces on a worker's body; a brief instance of necrophilia (no nudity is depicted)."

....lovely!!!! Like I said, its never coming in my house...

wigglybeezer Thu 12-Sep-13 19:36:26

The random things done to you by strangers is an issue, DH's firend works at Rockstar and is play testing the game ATM, he spent ages pimping his car only for someone random to nick it, DS1 would not be able to cope with that he would have a meltdown. I do not like exposing him to things that may provoke such extreme reactions.

For all of you with kids who can play games in short bursts, hooray for them but that does not hold true for all kids (or me with Mumsnet sometimes).

YeahWhat Thu 12-Sep-13 20:13:49

It is true that it is not just the content of 'adult' games that make them unsuitable - it is also the style of gameplay. The games are designed to be compelling and 'addictive' _for adults_ and this type of intensity is just too much for your average child or youg teen.
I find it really difficult to stop playing certain games, my desire to reach the next level or beat a score is almost but not quite too strong for me, and I am a sensible middle aged woman blush. If I find it frustrating what hope is there for a younger teen.

mumthetaxidriver Thu 12-Sep-13 20:39:40

I think you are right to stand your ground on this - I know that whenever they get new xbox games they tend to go through a very intense period when it seems to be the only important thing in their lives. It's the last thing you need as he starts his gcse year
Our DS doesn't play GTA thankfully but became totally obsessed with FIFA recently and also went through a CoD phase. He' s also just starting yr 11 and facing his first exams in November. He' s now been xbox-free for 16 days- having broken the habit when we went away on holiday. And yes at times it did seem like an addiction!! It was our sugestion he cut back but but he decided to come off completely and its a huge reliepf for us alll. He has admitted that he's sleeping much better and enjoying the fact that he can go to the gym and do other sports and still get school work done.

So, the game is out now. Has anyone actually played it that can report on the content?

Ruralninja Wed 18-Sep-13 12:25:09

YDNBU - it's 18 for a reason (although I agree maturity levels differ) it's really addictive, it's incredibly anti-social (from a family point of view) and I'm not sure how many other reasons you need to have really.

DrHolmes Wed 18-Sep-13 12:46:14

I have not read the replies on this thread. I am 26 and my partner bought it yesterday. I want to say to you, all of you, who are thinking about getting this game for an under 18...DO NOT GET IT! I sat for five mins watching my partner play it and all I heard was "fucking nigger, nigger, nigger, fucking nigger" with a few non swear words put in between. Honestly, this is not a game for kids at school. I don't have kids and I'm saying it.

DrHolmes Wed 18-Sep-13 12:48:19

Yeahwhat is correct.

Op do not let him play it!

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