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To not let extremists into primary schools

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BombayBadonkadonks Tue 10-Sep-13 19:56:25

A friend's DCs go to this school and she is horrified about this and the books they received this week.

Surely telling kiddies that if they don't believe in God only bad things will happen and that 'homosexuality is a sin' is wrong.

FeedMeWell Sat 14-Sep-13 20:03:50

Purple and 50shades I could be you too. My kids are at this school and while I think allowing the books to be distributed was a mistake it has been blown out of all proportion and there just hasn't been any indoctrination going on. I hope the head teachers will be back soon but fear the vocal minority will get their way.

50shadesofmeh Sat 14-Sep-13 22:54:01

I think because we know what the school is really like feedmewell we know that it was likely not intentional, I can see how outsiders who don't know the staff in question would think it seems more sinister than it is.

mam29 Sun 15-Sep-13 00:20:25

dd1 initally went to rc preschool/primary near our house linked to rc church next door we not rc.

The all bapised coe.

dd1 gies coe primary now loats of faiths there again onlt afiliated with coe chutch next door.

i went to community junior who had harvests in baptist church , xmas in coe,
have few athiest non christian freinds who send kids to rc infants/rimary yet ourages at christian stance as forget uk predominatly christain country we not secular like france.

bizzarly compating cimmunity wth coe which admissions contrilled y counil not aided feel fairer more balanced mix its fath lite.

the chrustians are staisfies
other faiths ok with it lots sikks muslims

we all live in harmony.

mummymacbeth Sun 15-Sep-13 00:45:24

There is no place for religion in non denominational schools in Scotland. I actually disagree with them even sending kids to church services at christmas and easter. the schools are non denom, not Christian. No problem with a high level teaching of the existence of some of the more widely practised religions and what they believe - where this does not promote discrimination - but it should stop there. This should not have happened in this school, and unfortunately there has to be accountability so the heads had to go.

mam29 Sun 15-Sep-13 00:55:00

I just wonder in uk at leats maybe picking denominational church where affiliated churches vews well known safer than community school non dom afilated with which chrsitain nu tjob takes their fancy.

I have no idea why athiests thnk uk state schools are secular and seem outraged by religious content

mummymacbeth Sun 15-Sep-13 01:09:37

Hmm actually non denom may indeed be Christian, just been looking into it. Incidents like what has just happened in kirktonholme further persuade me that secularisation of our schools is a good thing.

Saffyz Sun 15-Sep-13 10:01:29

A denomination is a religious sub-group, e.g. Baptist, Anglican. So the school isn't claiming to be non-religious, just that it isn't affiliated to a particular smaller group. I think in this instance it's shorthand for saying the school is Christian, but not Anglican/Baptist/Methodist/Catholic.

MaidOfStars Sun 15-Sep-13 12:26:31

mam29 I have no idea why athiests thnk uk state schools are secular and seem outraged by religious content

Do you understand what secularism is? A secular school would not exclude religious content - a secular system pays equal respect to all religions and none. Instruction, not indoctrination, and all that.

As an atheist, I have zero problem with comparative religion classes. 'Some Christians believe X' and 'Many Muslims think Y' are more than acceptable.'You will believe X' and 'You will think Y' less so.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 15-Sep-13 13:12:29

Saffy, in Scotland we have non denominational, and RC primary schools, we have nothing like CoE. Non denom will (by law) feature worship of a broadly Xtian nature but dc can be withdrawn, so we expect them to be pretty much secular in nature.

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