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To give dd2's present to dd1?

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JessicaWakefield1 Mon 09-Sep-13 22:01:35

Dd2 is 2months old, along with being given numerous new clothes from well meaning friends and family she also has her older sister's hand me downs.
Dd1 is in desperate need of new autumn/winter type clothes. DH's aunty gave dd2 £100 in Next vouchers when she was born wibu to buy dd1 clothes with dd2's vouchers? It would help a lot tbh as we are struggling due to me being on maternity leave so couldn't really afford to use the vouchers on dd1 and just put the same value away for dd2.
We also need new bedding and some nice Next bed sheets would be lovely but that feels very wrong.

nocoolusernameY0 Wed 11-Sep-13 11:15:52

I honestly don't think that a person giving to one of your children would begrudge it being spent on an another one of them, if the named recipient didn't need anything and the other one did. I've spent money meant for one on another when I've been struggling loads of times. I wouldn't buy the Next bedsheets though, that's pushing it!

My dad always gives the kids money. When he was giving my 5 week old 6 quid for 'ice-cream', I don't think I was off the mark buying my 3 year old spag bol in Morrisons cafe with it. At least I hope not... he's probably been telling all the SIN's that I give my baby's ice-cream, the bloody menace grin

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