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DS is 'cooking' lasagne in food tech tomorrow

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Salmonellie Mon 09-Sep-13 20:13:42

So, DS is cooking lasagne tomorrow.

Of course he only gave me the ingredients list yesterday, so off I scuttled to the supermarket after work to buy the missing ingredients this evening.

Now he has told me the exact details I am beginning to wish I hadn't bothered. Apparently he has to prepare the meat sauce this evening. This will be taken (chilled) to school, where they have to make the white sauce and will layer it with the meat sauce. However, because the lesson is only an hour long, the lasagne will not be baked at school. I can only assume that this will also mean the white sauce will not have long to cool down and will still be warm when it is added to the chilled meat base - which will then sit at school all day festering...

AIBU to think this is not good food hygiene and I should plan an alternative menu for tomorrow?

Coconutty Mon 09-Sep-13 20:14:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnneUulmelmahay Mon 09-Sep-13 20:15:00

Bleurgh yanbu

AnneUulmelmahay Mon 09-Sep-13 20:15:41

I farkin love your name OP

Sirzy Mon 09-Sep-13 20:17:06

That sounds very unhygenic.

I made lasnage in school within the space of a normal lesson. Or if they can't it would make much more sense to make one part in school and freeze it there and then finish it next week.

Salmonellie Mon 09-Sep-13 20:18:01

Thanks Anne - couldn't resist it for this one grin

BoundandRebound Mon 09-Sep-13 20:18:26

Why would you do the shopping for him?

But yuk to the rest

SirBoobAlot Mon 09-Sep-13 20:18:57

It doesn't take an hour to prepare a lasagne...

LumpySpace Mon 09-Sep-13 20:20:05

YANBU I think that lasagna will be pretty much inedible by the end of the school day.

How does it take an hour to make just white sauce? They can make the entire thing in that time and put it in the ovenvon a timer. Pick it up at break (or lunch and eat it then and not bring it home at all)

marriedinwhiteisback Mon 09-Sep-13 20:20:55

FGS. Why can't they teach them how to make a white sauce and talk them through various flavour options. The next week they could teach how to make a ragu for the bolognaise. Lorks they could also teach them a few basic tchniques - you know omolettes, separating eggs, pate sucre, classic vic sponge, how to make proper gravy. You know cooking smile

pianodoodle Mon 09-Sep-13 20:23:47


Sounds rank sad

kiriwawa Mon 09-Sep-13 20:28:56

Won't they put it in the fridge?

SubliminalMassaging Mon 09-Sep-13 20:30:03

Oh for goodness sake, that's utterly insane.

AnythingNotEverything Mon 09-Sep-13 20:31:15

I'd have thought they'd build the lasagne in class and put it in the fridge to collect at the end of the day.

lunar1 Mon 09-Sep-13 20:32:29

You could always make it veggi and use quorn mince.

LadyBigtoes Mon 09-Sep-13 20:34:38

Make a white sauce - 10 mins.

Layer - 5 mins, 10 absolute max.

Cook - 30-40 mins.

Leave with "food tech" hmm teacher to cool and chill - collect at end of day.

Food hygiene should be one of the first things they are teaching them!!! Classic example of something people actually do need to learn and get into the habit of, where as once you have cooking basics mastered, anyone can use a recipe book.

Salmonellie Mon 09-Sep-13 20:35:56

Yes, lunar those were my exact thoughts when he told me after I'd bought the mince!

Bunbaker Mon 09-Sep-13 20:36:48

DD made lasagne in DT today. She made the entire thing from scratch (including the "meat" sauce - except it was quorn as she won't eat beef). There wasn't any time to cook it in the oven once she had put it together, but I cooked it when she brought it home. It was lovely.

crypes Mon 09-Sep-13 20:38:13

It is a fantastic dish to learn to cook and he may have to woo a woman with it in later life.

Finola1step Mon 09-Sep-13 20:38:27

Blimey. What a palaver. Why not teach them the key skills. They could make a white sauce tomorrow. Or a cheese sauce to have with pasta. Kids need to be taught the basic skills and be taught them well. That way, they can then apply said skills to a range of dishes. What happened to cooking a dish from scratch and having the time in the lesson to see it through? This is why food tech lessons need to be double lessons, not single.

WorrySighWorrySigh Mon 09-Sep-13 20:40:29

YANBU and within the meaning of the Act I think that should actually be described as assembling not cooking lasagne.

<muses that perhaps this is why it is called Food Technology rather than Cookery these days>

Doobiedoobedoobie Mon 09-Sep-13 20:42:44

Bloody hell I must be so lax, this wouldn't even have crossed my radar. I si have a cast iron stomach but still. What real harm will come of it?! Surely it'll be kept in the fridge till going home time so what's the problem confused

Sounds to me like they'll cook the white sauce then do some theory rubbish then layer it anyway if they're sensible so lots of time for it to cool down

foodtech Mon 09-Sep-13 20:44:56

Can easily be done in an hour. We manage it in 50 minutes. Macaroni cheese week 1, spag Bol week 2 then lasagne week 3. Obviously will need to go in the oven at home or after lesson if time but plenty of time. Although I teach home ec old school in Scotland where we even buy the food for the pupils but still this is weird.

Mintyy Mon 09-Sep-13 20:46:34

Yanbu. I've twigged that the purpose of this lesson is to make a roux sauce. So they should be making something that can be done start to finish in one hour ... like cauliflower cheese, or macaroni cheese?

No way on this earth can you make an entire edible meat lasagne in one hour!!

The issue re. not having enough fridges to keep everything cold is age-old but, really, a vegetarian dish like either of the above will be fine without refrigeration for half a day.

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