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I want to smash my neighbour's buggy

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DodieDoo Mon 09-Sep-13 09:04:21

There are two flats in our building, us on the lower floor up a short flight of stairs and our neighbours above us up the continuing stair case.
They have a 3 year old, we have a four month old. We own and have lived here 6 years, they rent and have lived there 2.5 years.
They obviously knew when they moved in that they had a child and that their flat was upstairs, yet they didn't take into consideration that they don't want to carry a buggy up and down stairs so they decided to keep it in the very small area at the bottom of the stairs which obstructs the front door and stairs. (Lease says nothing can be stored in communal areas).
At first my partner and I were considerate and let them whilst their child was small but whilst I was pregnant I found it very hard to squeeze past and we felt that as their kid was at walking age that we should ask them to move it out the hall. They didn't. We asked again. They didn't. Its a fold up that they dont fold up, so we did and put it as much out of the way as possible. They kicked off for touching their stuff. We told the management company who asked them to move it. They did for a week. Then my son was born so it was harder to get past we asked them to move it. They didn't. We went to the management company again. They still didn't.
We keep our buggy in our flat but need to 'set it up' in hall which I only just had space to do. Until yesterday when I found they had just got a new 'off roader' with massive wheels and takes up even more space so I'm pretty much now penned in or have to face an argument when I want to go out.

Am I being unreasonable wanting to take a hammer to the b****rd thing and/or wanting to have them evicted??

They are lucky I'm not expecting again but I think the hormones would send me over the edge!!

kiriwawa Mon 09-Sep-13 09:34:13

I'd definitely call the fire brigade and ask them to assess. A fireman knocking on their door might have an impact where the management company do not.

Why the fuck would you buy a massive off-roader if you have a 3 year old? You're sure they're not having another baby?

RedHelenB Mon 09-Sep-13 09:39:09

Nothing unreasonable about moving it outside to get your pram sorted & then "forgetting" to move it back. A couple of times doing this & they might get the message!

candycoatedwaterdrops Mon 09-Sep-13 09:39:37

Take photos every day and email them with the same title "SERIOUS FIRE HAZARD!!!!". Follow this up with a phone call a few times a week. It will annoy the hell out of management until they actually do something.

DodieDoo Mon 09-Sep-13 09:39:54

She's not visibly pregnant at the moment so a bit premature if they are expecting. Their kid always goes out in a buggy though so it's being used at the moment.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Mon 09-Sep-13 09:40:37

Complain to the management company again. In the flats I used to live in people were stopped from keeping their bikes in the hallway, we got an amended contract.

MrsCampbellBlack Mon 09-Sep-13 09:42:37

I'd just move it outside - is that possible?

kiriwawa Mon 09-Sep-13 09:45:16

I found this link on that thread that CSIJanner linked to - that situation was an absolute shocker!

So looks like it might be worth reporting it to the authorities if the management company/fire officer gets you nowhere

DodieDoo Mon 09-Sep-13 09:47:52

Our door opens straight onto the street so leaving it outside might be a bit unfair - I'm being more mature after a coffee haha!

Though I'm not above my baby 'accidentally' vomiting in the direction of their buggy.....wink

RedHelenB Mon 09-Sep-13 09:50:19

Well you would only have to do it once then DodieDoo, put the brake on though!

Writerwannabe83 Mon 09-Sep-13 09:50:20

I'm sure I saw on another thread a woman was talking about irresponsible parking - albeit about a car - and was considering buying some YAPLAC stickers, which apparently stand for "You're parking like a c*nt."

I assume they would stick to pushchairs as well as cars.... grin

But seriously, I can see why you would be annoyed. Some people's lack of regard for other people astounds me sometimes. I hope you manage to find a solution x x

sparrowfart23 Mon 09-Sep-13 10:00:26

I would avoid doing any petty or childish, as satisfying as that would be grin. You will lose the moral high ground, and you don't want to start an escalating battle with your selfish, antisocial neighbours.

I would, as suggested by various people upthread, keep on at the management company, taking photos to back up your complaint, and ask them to contact the landlord. Contact the fire brigade if you don't get results and see if they can help.

Is there anywhere else their buggy could be stored? (Friends of ours had a secure underground car park at their flat so stored their buggies and bikes there instead of a car.)

Good luck!

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Mon 09-Sep-13 10:00:42

Is there a front yard which you could fit something like this in?

You could both use it as a buggy store perhaps?

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Mon 09-Sep-13 10:01:02


Nanny0gg Mon 09-Sep-13 10:17:58

Back to the management company - daily phone calls and e-mails. Discuss their fee which they are clearly not earning. Drive them nuts.

Get the fire brigade involved. H&S legislation. Fire safety. What if an ambulance was needed? How would the paramedics get in? Point out to the MCo that if anything (god forbid) happened, they may well be liable for not enforcing the rules.

OOAOML Mon 09-Sep-13 10:25:37

I'd be contacting the fire brigade to see if they do safety checks.

TeaLadyExtraordinaire Mon 09-Sep-13 10:26:04

SilverStreak - However, Im not sure you should want them evicted as you do not know their circumstances and that could cause them, and their dc hardship for all you know

Well, they're not exactly looking after their own circumstances are they? FFS !

CSIJanner Mon 09-Sep-13 10:28:24

It's up to the management to arrange storage, however make it clear that you would not be paying any surcharges to pay for it as it shouldn't be there in the first place.

VaultFullOfTwizzlers Mon 09-Sep-13 10:32:07

YANBU (apart from the criminal damage) and it sounds like a PITA and a fire-hazard.

I bought a massive three-wheeler with an enormous pull-down hood when DS was three because he has autism. He has a special pushchair now.

It was bloody easy to fold though so not sure why they are leaving it up confused

quoteunquote Mon 09-Sep-13 10:38:38

email a new photo each day/hour to the landlords, and ask when they are going to fix the problem.

He11y Mon 09-Sep-13 10:40:10

Put everything in writing.

Complain again to the landlord and check out the grievance procedure so you know what to do if nothing happens.

Don't do anything over the phone or face to face, or if you really have to, follow it up with a letter stating what was said and agreed.

You've got to get a paper trail going.

quoteunquote Mon 09-Sep-13 10:41:48

This picture from the other thread made a big difference to people on the thread understanding of the situation.

Our local fire brigade do free home checks where they come round fit smoke alarms, point out dangers and help everyone in the house plan an escape route, ring and find out if yours do the same.

VaultFullOfTwizzlers Mon 09-Sep-13 10:45:25

I remember that thread and picture. Complete turnaround grin

microserf Mon 09-Sep-13 10:46:33

that would absolutely drive me bonkers. definitely document and call the fire service and council.

your neighhours sound like real charmers, so only the threat of losing the buggy is going to make them change their ways.

lljkk Mon 09-Sep-13 10:48:11

It's a safety hazard. Just keep harping on about that. Daily complaints to management for sure.

Pixieonthemoor Mon 09-Sep-13 10:51:35

Fgs what arseholes!! If they folded the bloody thing up and tucked it out of the way, I bet you wouldn't mind!! Such a tiny thing and yet they are so bloody selfish. I hope your bombardment of the management company works for you!

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