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Ahhhh night time feeds

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Beautifulbabyboy Mon 09-Sep-13 03:46:02

So ds2 is 5 weeks old. And I have just remembered the joy of night time feeds!!

AIBU to think the worst part is that tense but hopeful moment when they have finished feeding, have been burped and nappy changed and are in a lovely dozy state and you attempt to put them back in the Moses basket and you hold your breath..... Because that is the moment a perfectly happily 45 min night time feed has the potential to become a 2 hour nightmare as they decide not to settle / wriggle and writhe etc and you end up repeating the feed / burping / changing over and over again!!

I am currently holding my breath....

Beautifulbabyboy Mon 09-Sep-13 03:48:54

Plus the wriggle that you can't decide,
"Is this there final wriggle before they fall into a deep contented sleep, or is this wriggle that means that I should pick them before they get upset..."

Beautifulbabyboy Mon 09-Sep-13 03:54:55

Ok so... He is back on the boob (I appreciate this is just a thread for one... But I am bored and is 3.54am..

Sammie101 Mon 09-Sep-13 03:55:55

Definitely not being unreasonable, when I'm putting 5week DD down after a night feed it's as if I'm handling a bomb!

Unfortunately I know she will instantly open her eyes and be wide awake the exact moment I put her down, and being awake for anything LESS than two hours is absolutely acceptable for her sad

Just started my 2nd 2 hour night feed, wahhh! confused

Beautifulbabyboy Mon 09-Sep-13 03:58:22

Hello Sammie. :-) I like the bomb reference... Totally agree!! So despite being back on my boob he nibbled for 2 mins and is now asleep again... So once more we are trying the MBM (Moses basket Manoeuvre - as I like to call it!)

BinarySolo Mon 09-Sep-13 04:00:52

I'm lying on my side feeding my 11 day old Ds in the hope he'll nod off so I can sleep. Think it's just about worked. Dh is now snoring tho so he may get a gentle kick...

Soontobemama Mon 09-Sep-13 04:02:50

I'm up for a night feed too. My month old DS wakes up every hour through the night!!! It's bringing me to my knees so I'm trying to wake him up to make him feed more in a vain attempt to get him to sleep longer between feeds.

Sammie101 Mon 09-Sep-13 04:02:52

Good luck, I hope he stays down! I've taken to sitting with her sleeping for at least 30 minutes before I attempt to put her down, just because she wakes all the time! And then if/when she does it's back to that endless shhing/rocking routine!

I know you're meant to put them down when they're half asleep so they can settle themselves but I think my DD just likes being held WAY too much! Must be my "cuddly" exterior hmm

At least I have LOTR on to keep me company smile

Sammie101 Mon 09-Sep-13 04:06:50

Also, this sounds bad but I'm SO GLAD I'm not the only one going through the seemingly endless torture of long night feeds smile

There is a reason they used to use sleep deprivation as a form of torture!

Beautifulbabyboy Mon 09-Sep-13 04:09:43

Ahhh we are all not alone!!!

I currently have a wriggling grunting baby next to me. I actually got all hopeful a minute ago and took my glasses off. I think that was Ds2's cue to wriggle some more...

FrenchLimeBlossom Mon 09-Sep-13 04:13:17

Feeding 15 week DS2 here, just started so about 45 mins from MBM myself. You are not alone.

MN makes such a difference to those lonely midnight hours.......

Happy feeding all, and a smooth 'bomb' release to everyone!

Faith48 Mon 09-Sep-13 04:13:26

Also up for a night feed, just put DS (3 weeks) in his Moses basket thinking I was safe. He is now back on the boob.

Sammie101 Mon 09-Sep-13 04:22:45

Just tried the MBM and sure enough the eyes flick open and the bomb explodes!

Baby says "silly mummy, thinking you can put me down only 45 minutes after I got up!"

So now we're back to perving on Aragorn, baby falling asleep with the dreaded dummy and me with a sore arm!

I never planned to give her a dummy but after being told by many she was a "sucky" baby I finally gave in for my own sanity! Only half the time she knows I'm trying to fob her off with an imitation and she perseveres until she gets boob hmm or she'll be perfectly happy asleep with the dummy until dun dun DUN!! it falls out! Then you'd better hope its back in there in the next 5 seconds or she'll make your life hell!

HelgatheHairy Mon 09-Sep-13 04:29:52

I'm here too. I've given up on trying to get 1 month old DD into her carrycot at night so we cosleep. I mostly feed lying down but the last few nights DD is having none of it so sitting up. She's really grunty and wriggly too.

NotjustaMummy Mon 09-Sep-13 04:32:39

Oh good. Not just me that's up. Mine is waking every hour. Have tried both formula & boob but she won't settle, aged 4months... I'm falling asleep in the chair, scared I might drop her!

Beautifulbabyboy Mon 09-Sep-13 04:38:03

Woo woo the last MBM was a success.. I hate to feed and run but am off to sleep...

(Will probably be back on in 10 mins..)

All these posts have made me laugh though! So thanks all!

Sammie101 Mon 09-Sep-13 04:42:46

Just tried second MBM which once again failed sad and might have accidentally called my child a little...poo hmm I just don't understand how she can go from being deep in sleep to awake and screaming in 5 seconds flat! confused

4everhopeful Mon 09-Sep-13 05:05:04

Ahhhh love Mn! Just fed 7wk DS, so different to DD was as poor thing has awful reflux.. Dd was formula fed, DS happily bf but after a 10-40min feed, he will reguarly chuck it all back up.. awful for him, frustrating for me, night feeds become sheet & clothes changes, resettling, more bf, and now I'm used to it, strategies such as having to feed him upright, really uncomfortable when half asleep propped in bed. can't even lean back, then holding him upright for at least 20-30mins afterwards to let it go down, with a muslin held permanently under his chin'just in case' confused

4everhopeful Mon 09-Sep-13 05:10:02

Oh yep, and fear all the commotion will wake 3yr old dd who will then come in & want a drink, and a cuddle, then a chat! Get her back off, and its time for ds again! Mind you, must admit, have also had blissful 7hrs between feeds on several occasions so can't complain!!!!

SourSweets Mon 09-Sep-13 05:19:08

I'm here with my 5 week old too. I don't get it either.. If they're tired they're tired surely? Why does it make a difference whether they're in the basket or not?! The cat is looking at me like "can't you shut that thing up?"

Ditsy79 Mon 09-Sep-13 05:22:49

Also been up feeding my 5 week old all night...just cannot seem to calm her down at all. She is never normally this bad. Have changed her nappy 4 or 5 times since 11pm, and have lost count of the number of times I've fed her. She gets that drunken on milk look, so I wind her and then try to put her in the crib...and all hell breaks loose again. Don't know what I'm doing wrong, feel like a failure cos I can't get her settled at all.

DreamingOfTheMaldives Mon 09-Sep-13 05:29:27

I'm here too! DS is 11 days old and was awake from 1am to 3am and then again from 4.30am to 5.15am!! The MBM is awful, you find yourself silently pleading with anyone and everyone that just this once he will go down as soon as he's fed.

I am currently hooked up to the milking machine (while every other bugger in the house sleeps!) trying to get my supply going again. I had to reduce it a little as my boobs were enormous and painful and I think I was showing signs of mastitis - now my supply is almost non existent. Arggghhhh. I hate the milking machine! Mooooooo!

SourSweets Mon 09-Sep-13 05:29:41

Ditsy if you're doing it wrong then I am too! You're not a failure, she's just having a bad night. Hopefully we'll all be able to nap a bit during the day!

islingtongirl Mon 09-Sep-13 05:30:23

Morning (!) - can I join you? Am up for the 3rd time feeding my 2 week old DD, totally understanding the MBM btw! Really hoping she will have a bit longer sleep after this (wishful thinking) as exhausted...she lulled me into a false sense of security last night and was going about 3 hours between feeds. Apparently that is not acceptable now so has halved that...confused

SourSweets Mon 09-Sep-13 05:37:21

Morning Islington! 3 hours was a bit of a luxury ey? Mine is every 2. One magical time he went 4 and a half hours, it was bliss.

Dreaming I hope your supply sorts itself out soon. I have the opposite problem and am leaking so much I'm living in wet clothes and bed sheets.

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