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To agree with the Headmistress to send home pupils who do not conform to regulation school uniform.

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annemary12 Sat 07-Sep-13 21:13:23

I am totally fed up with school pupils who look a mess and are not dressed in correct or regulation school uniform. I never understand why many schools allow 6th form pupils free will in their choice of clothes.

I think that if pupils are unable to abide by school uniform regulations what hope of they got when they leave school and are going to interviews.

I believe that all school pupils including 6th form pupils should wear a regulation school blazer and school tie so they can show which school they go to.

Headmistress like Leslie ellis are standing up for standards that have been in decline since the 1970"s and need to be fully supported in their desire to hold standards to at least the very shoddy standards that pupils display today. I for one am delighted that a head was prepared to take ridicule and derision in standing up for standards.

After reading the constant criticism of leslie ellis i thought it was time that someone stood up for a upstanding member of the teaching profession.

needasilverlining Thu 12-Sep-13 08:18:24

I don't believe anyone said the OP was a bad person, just that she obviously had massive issues around the subject that made her a tad illogical. And her solutions were very weird and simplistic.

I assume she was banned for sock puppetry, so she's only herself to blame for that.

Stretching the very brightest pupils is the one thing my ds's school isn't amazing at, maybe the result of having so many pupils starting from not even speaking English?

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