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To detest most scouse celebrities

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Afroturf Sat 07-Sep-13 14:59:25

Cilla Black, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Tarbuck et al - celebrities who take every opportunity to remind us about their days in Scottie Road and all who, coincidentally, moved away from the city years ago.

What fake accents....I have never heard anyone else speak with Cilla Black's particular accent.

And now bloody Les Dennis has reared his head. God, how I've loathed him on Celebrity Masterchef - another one harking back about 'me Mam and Dad in Liverpool'. Fuck off. He was on radio 2 this morning with Rhod Gilbert and, my word, what a fucking name dropping twat. It was embarrassing.

I am not a fan.

Now I must mention that I'm from Liverpool, a city I love and live in today. I can't, however, abide these 'professional scousers' who go on and on about where they're from. Perhaps it's to try and fool us plebs that they are one of us. Again, do fuck off.

I don't want this thread to descend into an anti-Liverpool rant as my city is a very special place but wonder if anyone agrees with me. I think it's probably the fact that they come from the same place as me that I have a particular distain for them. I dare say that slebs from other parts of the UK annoy folk from their neck of the woods too.

JoinYourPlayfellows Sat 07-Sep-13 15:01:06

Does Alexei Sayle count?

I kind of love him.

redexpat Sat 07-Sep-13 15:02:32


Silverfoxballs Sat 07-Sep-13 15:05:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gordyslovesheep Sat 07-Sep-13 15:05:11

YANBU CB had elocution lessons to lose the accent when she was a teen - she fakes it now

I dislike professional Scousers with a passion - almost as much as plastic paddies - being Scouse/Irish it's allowed grin

Lizzylou Sat 07-Sep-13 15:07:57

God yes.
Macca makes me want to stick forks in my eyes.

Lovecat Sat 07-Sep-13 15:08:05

I'm originally from the Wirral but yes, I hate professional scousers like Cilla Black.

My mum used to go the Cavern when it was still a jazz cellar (she was really hacked off when the Beatles came along) and she remembers Ms Black as the coat check girl, being 'no better than she ought to be...' grin

Afroturf Sat 07-Sep-13 15:08:31

Gosh, yes Alexis Sayle. Arse

JoinYourPlayfellows Sat 07-Sep-13 15:15:40


What are examples of acceptable famous scousers?

From an outsider's perspective, it's not easy to tell which ones are putting it on.

sweetestcup Sat 07-Sep-13 15:18:38

Is John Bishop ok?

RobinSparkles Sat 07-Sep-13 15:19:10

What about John Bishop? Do you like him?

headlesslambrini Sat 07-Sep-13 15:19:26

But i love paul o'grady. He is who he is. I dont think he is a professional scouser

RobinSparkles Sat 07-Sep-13 15:19:33

Ha ha! X post grin

Lovecat Sat 07-Sep-13 15:20:24

Hmm... footballers? And actually, no, not Jamie Redknapp. Emlyn Hughes could be annoying too, God rest him.

Paul O'Grady doesn't wind me up but then he's not always going on about it - well, not that I've noticed (disclaimer: I don't watch his show, this is from the odd bit of him I see on other people's shows). And he knows how to take the piss out of himself.

Thing is, the famous scousers who don't wind me up tend not to make anything of their background at all, so they're harder to spot. Ian McCulloch is God, of course and thus above criticism. An insane God, but a God nonetheless.

ziggiestardust Sat 07-Sep-13 15:20:34

I think I know what you mean, although the thread title is a bit misleading!

Do you mean that a lot of these slebs seem to play on the 'poor local kid done good' kind of attitude?

RobinSparkles Sat 07-Sep-13 15:20:41

I can't stand Cilla Black, mainly because there has been lots on MN about her being such a cow in RL.

KoalaFace Sat 07-Sep-13 15:20:53

I'm from Liverpool and I totally agree. YANBU.

But then I get annoyed when people not from Liverpool say they are scousers. John Bishop Simon Rimmer Don't get me wrong I like them but they're not from Liverpool.

ANormalOne Sat 07-Sep-13 15:21:18

John Bishop is not okay, he's also an arrogant tosser who expects things for free because he's famous.


ANormalOne Sat 07-Sep-13 15:21:38

Oh and I'm from Liverpool too.

ChunkyMonkeyMother Sat 07-Sep-13 15:23:06

O'Grady isn't a scouser though so he shouldn't count - he's from Birko (Birkenhead)

John Bishop would be still be a prick even if he was a Brummie!

KoalaFace Sat 07-Sep-13 15:23:27

Isn't John Bishop from Runcorn not Liverpool? His accent is inexplicable!

LegoDragon Sat 07-Sep-13 15:23:58


JoinYourPlayfellows Sat 07-Sep-13 15:25:30

I KNEW John Bishop wouldn't be OK grin

Ian McCulloch from Echo and Bunnymen?

I guess I did know he was from Liverpool, because I know the band is a Liverpool band.

ANormalOne Sat 07-Sep-13 15:25:54

My Nan dislikes Bishop, she calls him the 'plastic scouser'.

ThwartedbyMum Sat 07-Sep-13 15:30:31


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