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to think about shopping friend of friend for undeclared income?

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FatAssPantaloons Fri 06-Sep-13 22:17:55

Is this really snide of me?

Friend of friend has several cash in hand cleaning jobs. Her three DCs are at school so she takes on as much work as she can while they're there. No idea how much she makes in a week but know she charges clients 10 pounds an hour. She works very hard - is one of these people who never seems to pause, is always buzzing wth nervous energy, working or looking for work.

Recently found out that she also claims tax credits as though she were a SAHM. All of her cleaning work is under the table - no tax paid but also claiming benefits as though she wasn't working.

Her husband has a full time low paid job, and they rent a small house in a wealthy area, in a rural place so they each need to run a car, so I can totally see why they need every penny they can get. But, she's defrauding, isn't she?

It's none of my business, right? Or is it?

Monty27 Fri 06-Sep-13 22:57:15

Shop a Banker lol!

A politician even angry

FreudiansSlipper Fri 06-Sep-13 22:57:33

And have you never paid cash in hand for a job, do you always get a recipt

Crumbledwalnuts Fri 06-Sep-13 22:57:46

I would report because if she's clean, it will be the end of it. If she's not, she's stealing.

Alternatively (and preferably) find a way to let her know she's about to be reported so that she stops claiming.

Viviennemary Fri 06-Sep-13 22:58:45

I know what she is doing is wrong. But I don't think I'd report her in these circumstances. She's not exactly going on exotic holidays and buying designer clothes from a cleaning job.

Vijac Fri 06-Sep-13 23:00:15

Plus she is not so desperate that she's lying. She is renting a nice flat, in and good part of town and her family runs two cars. Her three kids our at school paid for by her, whoops sorry, our taxes. She is not scraping to find food and living in a cardboard box with three illiterate children.

Vijac Fri 06-Sep-13 23:00:40

A and are!

BratinghamPalace Fri 06-Sep-13 23:01:54

For Gawds sake, get pissed off about Vodaphone, not a woman who is working hard by your own admission to create a little something for her family. Honestly, peeping windows act.

squoosh Fri 06-Sep-13 23:05:25

Goodness Snoopingforsoup, whatever about abusing the welfare system could you please stop abusing the exclamation mark?

Thanks ever so.

peggyundercrackers Fri 06-Sep-13 23:07:21

I wouldn't but then im happy to pay people cash in hand (as most people I know are too). I don't grudge someone working 2/3 jobs cash in hand but do grudge google/amazon and all the rest of the multinationals avoiding paying billions in tax.

The govt wouldn't lower the rate of income tax even if everyone paid - all they would do is give more away in aid...

propertyNIGHTmareBEFOREXMAS Fri 06-Sep-13 23:09:16

I'd leave her to it. Give the working poor a break.

Snoopingforsoup Fri 06-Sep-13 23:11:12

OK, so if it turns out I'm a banker that doesn't pay the full tax, is that alright?

Of course it's not!

I've never paid cash in hand knowingly, and yes, I always get receipts!

I have no reason to pull one over on all the others that have to pay full tax, me and mine included!

You can't slag off anyone about not paying taxes if you're prepared to turn a blind eye on some cheeky bitch claiming benefits while working and not paying tax.

Astounding double-standards.

revealall Fri 06-Sep-13 23:11:46

Snoopingforsoup and in your higher earning tax band you are totally honest about your expenses ? The travel expenses that are 4 times higher than fuel you put in the car, the slightly nicer hotel room than you need, the lunches etc etc?

My other half works in events and if people realised just how much money was being pissed away in conferences and end of year performance shows for major companies you'd see how the law of the land is totally in need of overhaul.

Snoopingforsoup Fri 06-Sep-13 23:13:05

Sqoosh when my household tax falls, I'll stop misusing the !
I'm annoyed. F*cking annoyed!!!!!!!

Snoopingforsoup Fri 06-Sep-13 23:13:52

Completely honest about my expenses, not worth losing a job over!

morethanpotatoprints Fri 06-Sep-13 23:14:35

YABU and of course you are being snide.

Snoopingforsoup Fri 06-Sep-13 23:14:56

My car has my own fuel. I don't get it back.

Snoopingforsoup Fri 06-Sep-13 23:15:47

Lordy. You're all at it.

I'm leaving this thread. I'm appalled and clearly VERY naive.

Wuxiapian Fri 06-Sep-13 23:16:05

Maybe one day it'll catch up on her. Maybe it won't. Either way, don't interfere.

pianodoodle Fri 06-Sep-13 23:17:59

I'd be inclined to mind my own business in these circumstances too.

Would you feel good about yourself for doing it?

morethanpotatoprints Fri 06-Sep-13 23:19:03

Hello OP, keep saying this on these threads.
My dsis went to prison for a year for doing this, no amount of offering to pay it back worked, no appealing, first offence,
Oh and her baby had literally just left scbu

daisychain01 Fri 06-Sep-13 23:20:55

Oh dear, yet another thieving benefits person, just waiting to be shopped.

I just dont get why people have an incessent need to come onto AIBU and validate their actions.

Do they get some salacious pleasure out of telling everyone they know a Cheat and they are looking forward to the delights of reporting them??

revealall Fri 06-Sep-13 23:23:25

Yes very naive. You only pay 40% on the amount above what is considered a normal rate. You also only pay that rate . And you get a tax free amount like the rest of us. Some people who are dirt poor pay no tax at all.

This may be because they do no hours or because the job which is very tiring, physical and has nothing going for it whatsoever pays shite money

Crumbledwalnuts Fri 06-Sep-13 23:24:57

I think the main problem is when people defend cheats as if the welfare system itself was under attack. It isn't. It's cheating (and stealing) which is under attack. One of them (the stealing) undermines the other (the welfare system) mainly by undermining confidence and trust in it as an efficient redistribution mechanism. There will be many people as poor as, and poorer than, the probable cheat in the OP, but they don't steal. Poor people are not thieves. Thieves are thieves.

Crumbledwalnuts Fri 06-Sep-13 23:29:00

"My dsis went to prison for a year for doing this"
However this is completely excessive. When you think of the crimes against women and the deaths by dangerous driving that get less than this, often a lot less, it makes you want to spit.

revealall Fri 06-Sep-13 23:40:48

But obviously people who are able to work hard and long hours aren't thieves - they are being ruined by the state that makes work unfeasible. I know this as someone who worked over 35 hours a week and found it paid more to be a student at Uni funded by the government.

Lets remember the same person being branded a benefit cheat in this country may be an entrepreneur in another.Lets get behind those that actually do the work ( and not make their lives harder) and complain about those not working.

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