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Motherfucking Lloydstsb

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pokesandprodsforthelasttime Fri 06-Sep-13 20:02:00

I have just tried to buy a washing machine online from John Lewis.
My bank have picked up the payment on my card as suspected fraud because it was a large amount, and have blocked both the payment and my debit card.

I rang Lloyds to sort it out and have been on hold to the fraud department for 55 long long minutes.

I'm absolutely bloody furious: I'm 5 months pregnant, I've been in work all week, I'm tired, my dinner has gone cold, I'm hungry and I just want my evening to start sad I need my card unblocked so I can use it this weekend - mainly to pay for the several loads of washing I need to do at the laundrette cos my washing machine broke on Tuesday WHICH IS WHY I WAS TRYING TO BUY ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

They are COCKS.

CoolaSchmoola Sat 07-Sep-13 08:12:27

Barclays cancelled my transaction when I bought a tv from John Lewis online.

MrsHoratioNelson Sat 07-Sep-13 08:16:40

OP I hope you got this sorted. I'm curious as to how you going into a branch with ID would prove that it was you online trying to buy a washing machine confused

If you're on the phone telling them that its a valid transaction and you've passed security, how will ID help?!

AnotherWorld Sat 07-Sep-13 08:26:01

According to DP this weekend is when Lloyds and TSB split into two banks. The extra delay may be caused by this. Hope you aren't still on hold OP!

Nottalotta Sat 07-Sep-13 08:36:34

Yes they do split this weekend. The lovely old building with Lloyds chisselled into stone abobe the door is going to be a TSB. The modern building with a sign up outside is going to Lloyds.

Feckin eejits.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sat 07-Sep-13 08:41:09

This happened with us, Tesco credit card and John Lewishmm

We bought a big tv and they wouldn't authorise it!

I bought a more expensive computer last weekend though from Amazon and that went through no problem!

RustyBear Sat 07-Sep-13 08:43:12

I was wondering when the split was going to be. There's a brand new branch in our town, opened after the split was announced, with 'Lloyd's TSB' signs everywhere, which are presumably going to have to be replaced...

laza222 Sat 07-Sep-13 08:49:35

Have to say, card security confuses me sometimes. I went to India a few years ago, entered my dates on online banking to say when I would be there, also called and went into the bank just to make sure that they had my dates and my card wouldn't be blocked. It was blocked three times! This meant three very expensive phone calls back to the UK to unblock it and so I could say I was still where I told them I was going to be on the dates I said I'd be there. Three calls! So in total I told them six time where I was going and when I would be there and still my card got blocked. Of course I'm pleased they are cautious and I'm sure it is some sort of computer automated thing blocking my card but it was very annoying.

Oddly I'm booking another trip to India on a credit card this time. Bought international flights for over £1,000, internal flights for another £90 and some random local transport and haven't heard a single word from the bank on this. This was the first time I've used this particular card as well.

maffive Sat 07-Sep-13 08:52:52

"They want me to go into the branch with photo ID to prove who I am WTF??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

What a joke! Someone managed to withdraw 150 quid from my account over the counter at my Lloyds branch a couple of months ago. They had their passport with them, but said they didn't know their account details. The teller matched their name with my account, even though they had a completely different name to me.

It took about 2 months of chasing them up to get an explanation and have the money replaced.

Hope you've managed to get your card sorted OP.

pokesandprodsforthelasttime Sat 07-Sep-13 09:37:17

Well I didn't really get any further with them, so I'm having to go into the bank this morning with my photo id just I can access my account again.

They are giving me £50 for the 2 hour phone call, travel to bank, parking and a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience. But only because I complained bitterly!

Meanwhile DH had paid for the washing machine on his card as we didn't want to lose the delivery slot <desperate> He had no problems at all (Barclays).

mrsharrystyles Sat 07-Sep-13 09:56:51

This happened to me. I was in tesco, the same tesco that I use at the same time every week. I tried to pay for my groceries with my usual TESCO credit card, and it was refused as suspected fraud. I was so embarrassed and furious. I was taken aside with all shopping to customer services. They then phoned my husband (it's a joint card) to verify that I was legitimate. They got an earful from him and an earful from me.

ballstoit Sat 07-Sep-13 20:30:26

I understand blocking and querying on 'click and collect' orders, but surely a washing machine, being delivered to the address you have your card registered to, is pretty unlikely to be fraud. confused

HappyMummyOfOne Sat 07-Sep-13 21:24:12

This is why i always online shop with a credit card, safer and easier. Takes two mins to log onto online banking and pay straight off.

The credit card compamy have blocked a few things, i get a text saying they suspect fraud and you confirm via automated telephone system that they are yours and its back to normal. Its great.

LaGuardia Sat 07-Sep-13 21:29:36

Everyone should bank with the Co-op. Totally sensible bank imo.

lougle Sun 08-Sep-13 12:53:05

LaGuardia, I bank with Co-op now. The only complaint I have is that you can't export statements.

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